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Region 14 - Newsletter Winter 2018

❶I just checked DXO Mark. I invested about 8k so far into my set.

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Those ratings mean nothing in real life use. You people crack me up with your silly comparisons. Instead, DPReview preselects the cameras it thinks we ought to compare. I get that comparing a 6D to a G16 makes little sense, but one full-frame camera to another? As a pro-photographer, must admit that I am a bit amused by the review and the many comments here. This camera, just like the 6D is more than enough for a pro-photographer.

The rating is a joke, many of the comments are a joke. I ditched my 1D and 5D series cameras in favor of the 6D line years ago and I have not regretted it. My customers were absolutely pleased with the picture results, be it an agency, a magazine or a big company. A camera that is tough and reliable. People seem to forget what cameras we worked with e. Those cameras were way inferior to a 6D and still got the job done.

Photography is much more than hundreds of focus-points, ISO I work with ONE focus point all the time. They will get the job done. Not everyone has a reliable, sturdy camera that is easy to use, withstands thunderous rainfalls or other extreme weather conditions, that delivers great picture quality and a splendid customer service worldwide.

Some of them are slowly getting their act together - but once you have invested Furthermore, all those new technical gimmicks of questionable value will be adopted by every company sooner or later. I can wait five years for a new technical gimmick that neither I nor my customers need. I shoot Pentax as a part time professional and my go to body is the k5iis crop sensor 16mp with awesome glass up front.

I have high mp FF but use it sparingly. Clients dont look at my photos and say They rely on me to get a nice image. The tech race is the place these forums revel in and mostly amatuer gear heads who have enough time to spend here. The whole DR thing is hilarious. If you expose correctly then whats the problem I think Canon knows what works for their faithfull, not always everyones system of choice but there is a reason why their 1. I have to come clean about that too.

Check my comment above, this is the best starting FF or even doing pro work for a long time. Its the lens that counts!

Maybe it would just be easier to dump Sony and move back to Canon? This is like dumping your girlfriend for the so called "hotter" model and then trying to make her look like your ex, makes no sense. No one else does lol. All the pictures and Video from the review there are not sharp at all - come on! How this is a good thing? And Lacks 4K video and headphone port for audio monitoring in ???????!!!!! For 2K this is a joke?

Canon this is simple!!! Hey, this model is aimed for other than videography main stream. For photographer occasional video is enough. The vloggers who really want FF, this is great start if also good lenses are needed. Am I the only one that still thinking that this is a great camera? Some guys care too much with specs. Ok it is not sooo good when we try to blow a Iso photo. But is it really an impossible trade off if you consider the good things you will get?

It looks like we have plenty of good drivers here, complaining of this entry level Ferrari that in the real live cannot even take a Subaru to its limits. But it does it no better than the original 6D, and until ISO , worse than the crop sensor 80D, both of which cost substantially less.

It would be as if BMW rebranded an entry level Hyundai and charged you a 3 series price. The car would do just fine at getting you to work and back, or taking you and your family on vacations, but you grossly overpaid for it. The 6Dii hast just been my reliable companion on a Baltic sea vacation, and I must say: I owned the old 6D before, and the new one is better with the higher resolution in regard.

See the overall package and do not just focus on price and DR, which seems to be matter of exaggerated interest. Not one image I captured in my seaside vacation including sunsets and other contrast demanding situations where I have longed for more DR - correct exposure provided.

Totally agree with you. I owned a 5DIII and loved it. I was of the camp that said who needs a 5 stop push or more than 11 stops DR or more than 21 MP resolution. I upgraded to the IV last year; I love how clean the shadows look. I love how easy it is to recover when I do accidentally underexpose. I love how well controlled the noise is in my astrophotographs. So these days, I am much less dismissive of new features - bottom line is that they make your job a lot easier and help you take better pictures in tough situations and are more forgiving of your mistakes.

But be aware that it is highly overpriced for what it provides. My prints are normally 60"x60" or 60"x90". In other words, the DR is fine for most professional uses. There is one flaw with this review: And in another 5 years just as your 6DII is ready to give up the ghost, Canon will helpfully provide a replacement.

Best net comment so far: Canon is driving with pulled parking brake and made the 6D II partly worse on purpose than it could be. This is where the problem begins. If it had been a technological milestone there would have been more room for better specs and innovation on 6D II. Horse power is not the main criteria for speed - just think of a hp truck pulling trailers of 40 tons around, compared to a Lotus Elise with less than a ton and "only" lesse than hp.

I like the image quality of my 6D a lot and hoped for a worthy upgrade. For me 2 things are clear now.

No question great pictures are possible with the camera, but so you can do with a lot of cameras. Is Canon doing the bare minimum knowing that they will sell a lot of cameras and continuing doing so just waiting until the sales drop and only then delivering a better camera than similar priced competitors?

In my opinion, the engineers just went through the warehouse and had a look at what is still in stock and has to get out. Then they said to themselves: You will see, that sells nevertheless and costs us practically nothing. Then and only then, is it time to make a really good upgrade. The Digital Picture reviewed this camera. Get this - they stated: With such disingenuous comments, the 6DII might indeed be a success for Canon. And hence encourage them to churn out more such weak products.

DPR, being owned by Amazon who could probably buy Canon outright, can be fully honest. If anything, they are being generous with their scores to avoid very low sales through Amazon. The fact that it got no award should tell you that they really think it is a piece of junk. I am a Canon guy, amateur. I am the daddy wants to shoot pro-like pictures of my kids, shoot a little video of them starting to walk, doing something funny etc.

I invested about 8k so far into my set. End of the day the photo is the product, camera is just a part of the quotation. Spending on something actually adds less value to the end product just makes no sense, whatever fancy tags does it have alongside. I was craving a flippy touchscreen like on my D that came out the same year as the 6Dmk1! The internet has changed the retailing. For example, I have not seen any store carrying Sony A7R2 in my area, so I totally rely on reputable review sites to buy cameras and lenses.

Back in the film era how many camera stores had very high end SLRs for you to just try in your city? Magazines did not get any cut from the purchases, stores got business. Now, we read reviews online, and purchase via web links. The review sites get a cut from the purchases. Big difference for the stores. Most of them cannot afford carrying high end cameras. And back then, it was understood very well, in the US, that ordering the gear from NYC stores would be less expensive than purchasing say a Nikon F4, or whatever the Canon equivalent was, than buying the same gear at the store in Minneapolis.

Agreed that NYC is outlier. Anyway, my point is that most buyers completely reply on review sites to buy high end cameras and lens because there is simply no place to try themselves.

Almost comments for a product that is in no interest for a large amount of readers here?!?! First of all, Canon sells millions of cameras every year, and their lenses are very popular. The fact that Sony users are buying Canon glass to put on their Sony cameras speaks to the quality and variety of Canon glass, which no manufacturer can touch. Second, they sell more than just cameras and lenses. They sell photo equipment, printers, scanners and commercial equipment.

I love DP Review for information on gear, specs and the like Considering the major recalls of the Nikon D that should have downgraded its rating due to its unreliability stands to that.

I own a D, my first Nikon and I had to send it in due to warranty issues. I owned 6 Canon cameras prior to Nikon and not one camera I owned malfunctioned. Yes, Sony is selling less cameras than Nikon yet their no. You can sell cheap Rebels and 50 1. Canon right now is just like Nokia in Yes, their share in numbers are huge, but Sony just making more money per camera or per glass.

Also photocopiers is not that future-proof business you wanna bring into discussion, you know. The World is rapidly adopting electronic paper circulation and Canon could be left behind even here in 10 years or so. I stand by my statement.

But considering more and more positive real world reviews are surfacing and people are uploading their images, it becomes apparent that the success or failure of an image depends on the photographer. Canon will be perfectly fine. No company is perfect and all companies have their failures. Look at Donald Trump Several bankrupted casinos, a flopped University, a defunct airline and not to mention an unsuccessful steak company but he still managed to be the President of the USA and is still rich.

They were very meticulous in where they wanted this camera to sit. I will say the same for every company that makes a camera that makes some people scratch their head. Such a tired theme from Sony fans. Apple burying Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone, etc. Excuse me, but which company, certainly not the behemoth Sony, has introduced a radical new camera system that has completely obsoleted all that came before it?

Also, last I checked, high end DSLRs are not turned over at anywhere close to the rate that cell phones were. People love throwing out fake facts like Canon is only popular because of Rebel. As you say, mate. But the fact is, in my line of work video production virtually every studio switched to Panasonic GH or Sony A7s with legacy Canon glass years ago.

Photo journos are wole another story mainly because their gear is supplied by the outlets, with whom Canikon have solid history , but this is not the main chunk of the photography market to begin with. Nikon sold way more bodies than Sony, yet not Sony is bleeding money right now. Idk, do the math. Canon is making the same mistake that doomed so many companies in this new era of digital innovations.

So it releases cameras that are fitting nicely in the artificial niches that never existed in the first place, but were forced on consumers with lack of other choices. Keep going like this, Canon, and you will lose everything. Look at Kodak, Polaroid, Blackberry, Nokia and countless other victims of their stagnant views.

Things I like are:. I got my 6D on a very limited budget as I wanted to keep the lenses I have. Even the 5Ds are stupidly lumpen and unergonomic. Back in the day, you knew a pro camera, immediately you picked one up because of the build quality and the ergonomics. It simply worked better and was easier to use.

This is no longer emerging tech. I find it interesting that you say that the Canons lack good ergonomics, since one of the biggest pluses of the pro bodies is their ergonomics. I had a chance to handle the 6D2 and the 5D IV last week and found them more comfortable than my D It sounds like you want a lighter camera. Fuji makes a great product. Their new G Master lenses are no smaller than SLR lenses, and if you add a grip that will just make the system almost as heavy as the 6D you currently have.

I can think of two of these industries straight off the top of my head:. Photography is similar as well. Or you think that with advent of electronic sensor the innovations took a pause for the next years? And who the hell buys a modern DSLR and bitches about the size? If you want the size benefits of a mirrorless camera, go buy one of those and stay away from any full frame DSLR.

Thanks DPreview for the review. I stopped waiting for Canon and placed order to Sony A7R2 yesterday. I have seen the writing on the wall and bought A7R2 this past winter. Plus you can use any other glass including Canon with a range of adapters. DSLRs still have better focus sensitivity in dim light. Especially with adapted lenses, AF becomes almost unusable and you have to switch to MF.

Or in very contrasty scenes like shooting against the sun. Tell your stories to someone else. A7R2 focuses down to -3EV with fast lens attached.

OVF will show you only what your eyes can see, which is nothing. EVF amplifies the signal, so I can see the entire composition as in day light. There zero jerkiness in the EVF when shooting in close to dark conditions. Held a Sony a7 camera last week.

Curiosity got the better of me. I personally hated the picture and the EVF. It probably takes some getting used to. For me I find the Sony cameras too small. Maybe cameras will be eye implants by then. Nobody is arguing that mirrorless camera with big lens and grip attached can be almost as heavy as similarly setup DSLR. This is not a point. The point is that when you want to go small with mirrorless you can do that. This option is simply not available with DSLR.

And when I attach a large and heavy lens like Tamron with adapter in case of Sony , I would probably want to put a grip on, no matter if I use mirroless or DSLR. If a person wants something lighter, definitely go mirrorless. I would rather have the bulk for now. But in the future, who knows. When I switched to Sony it was not because of the size. In fact, I saw diminutive size of A7R2 as con, rather then a pro.

Adjusting to the new smaller camera and new system was not something I was looking forward to. I also use manual focusing lenses a lot and ability to do focus peaking, instant focus point zoom and other tricks that mirrorless cameras have was a big advantage for me. Going with the best sensor on the market in A7R2 was a no brainer. Mirrorless has some major advantages, that is for sure.

We all have our reasons for our decisions, and I for one respect yours. Then also the delay of switching from monitor to EVF. Shiranai Do you even own modern mirrorless camera, or do you criticize just for the sake of it? What delay switching from monitor to EVF? Which specific camera are you referring here or are you just bundling all mirrorless cameras into one ambiguous substance?

And I shoot a lot of photos in extreme low light. Yes, you may see highlights, but shadows are all but completely black and midtones are lost in shadows. Swithing to Live View 80D only is not much better as you lose your eyesight after staring at the bright monitor and switching back to dark conditions around you. Typical Japanese corporate, Take a very long time to realize they are going in the wrong direction. Just like Sony did but Sony is now back on it feets,.

I think the problem with Canon now is their Foundry. Hopefully they can do something about it in the next few years? The hysteria about this camera is hugely amusing. People expected increased DR, 4K and dual card slots in that order. Two would make it a great camera but more in line with the Canon gap in features vs price.

One of those would make it a hard sell compared to coming competition, but would ultimately still be of interest when it drops in considerably in price. Having none of these features is what has made the camera a conplete dissapointment for many. We know Canon products cost a premium for less features but is the level of this exhibited in the 6DMKII which is the problem.

Canon would then be shooting themselves in the foot like they did with the IQ of the 6D mkI. When IQ lovers realized that they can get the same IQ out of the 6D that they could with the 5DIII for much cheaper, they went for it - especially landscape photographers.

So now we have real segmentation between the 6D and 5D series. If the difference in price were only a couple of hundred dollars most people would shrug it off and buy the 5DIV. Sony did it with the A7 series. All three with different price points, different features and different sensors. You have to balance which features you want vs. Apparently even for extrem lowlight she seems worse than her predecessor. The more I dive in and the more I read the more I am disappointed and angry to have waited for that so long I must admit that my 6D is still solid.

Say what we will about the 6D2, at least I have confidence Canon products will last for years. I also use the 6D for work since years and it just works and works and works. A well made, reliable, tough camera that can be used intuitively and has a good support worldwide.

Canon delivers just that. Excerpt the product description from Amazon Germany in German: Ignoring the truth and just lying the customers in the face by simply reversing the single most downside of this sensor besides the obviously slow read-out speed.

That is a new low IMHO. Olympus pretend there mm F4 is equivalent to mm F4 on FF.. Why so much Canon bashing? The rest of the camera looks really ok and the available lenses are really good However, in the same sense that its field of view on mft is comparable with that of a mm lens on Full Frame, its depth-of-field, diffraction and total light projection is comparable with an F8 lens on Full Frame.

In other words, equivalence normalizes different systems, so be careful not to double-count the differences. Bracketing with a tripod is not necessarily a good idea inside a church. Especially because there is no trade off in having more DR. Also it has no tilt screen that I also enjoy. You can take great pictures with mediocre gear. However, your gear puts hard limits on the kinds of pictures you can take.

As I read somewhere else: The problem starts with the 5D IV. It is a expensive, yet it does not close the gap to their competitors at same price level like A7RII or D Now they bring out their entry level FF and have to cripple it on purpose to protect their more expensive failure.

I have it and the criticism is absolutely justified. In just about all the things I care about, the mkII actually seems to be a step backward from the 6D. A GH5 can output 4: You can get 4: There are many, many compelling reasons to record in UHD, even if you will be delivering your project in FHD, but this is the one I get the most excited about.

This was my first use beyond practice of the new ux That provided an effective extension of the lens length and without any loss of resolution - nice tool in the toolbag. The platform jiggled as people walked and milled around causing what would have been a very distracting jitter.

So I flicked on the O. S and found a so-so tradeoff. The video still had jitter, but it was muted a lot. S in place and just turn it off during camera movement, then turn it back on afterward - live and learn. When on, the O. And with some hand-held nature shots I took in practice, it looked like a tripod shot - good stuff. With a tall camera right in front of me on the next tier down, I had to jack my tripod up to a point where the EVF was unreachable. Sad, because I really like the EVF.

I mounted an HDMI monitor, and used that instead which did the job. Both are acceptable limitations with workarounds. They were bigger issues to others in reviews I read, but we all have our individual needs and in some cases biases. I wish it had V-LOG. That said there are scene files and other settings to preserve a wider dynamic range. If you want to color grade, V-LOG is pretty standard. But with the right set of LUTs, a variety of styles should be possible. The camera feels good. I love the ease of holding it low to the ground - with the upper zoom rocker and record button.

I used my monitor when it was super low, but the LCD has a pretty good use here. I set the speed of the upper zoom rocker to 2 and started the push with that. I could then simultaneously adjust the zoom ring to speed up the push manually. Then I could slow down the ring movement gradually until I let go of it while still holding the T position of the zoom rocker and it would continue the push from the rocker until I was where I wanted to be.

Keeping track of the ft reading on the screen is a good guide for the starts and stops. I love the USB Host hard disk drive support. I could be on a shoot for a week or more with 2TB. The audio channels are clean. On the Trump recording, I received a multi-box output for the house sound and I also recorded my own shotgun. My levels were set fine - nothing over-modulated. Then afterward I was reading the docs and it dawned on me that I should have used the limiter available in the camera.

I had to lower the input level for the multi to db and that put the level dial right around the middle setting - very adjustable. If you use both, it will take up both available inputs. I have a warm, comfortable feeling that I picked the right camera. Low light is not the greatest but usable in most non extreme situations, for my use no worries I will always be able to supply with extra lights if needed.

Super slow motion at fps is wonderful but be aware it is only on HD Can do Slow motion on 4K at 60pfs but for the price is a lot of camera. At this price range is a phenomenal camera. I do stock videos and normally under controlled lighting, works for me. I get a message on the screen: Immage stabilitization works well. For our Church application, it works beautifully. This may not be the best camera for shooting moving targets, but for us, it has worked well. Can this be fixed with a firmware upgrade?

That would be awesome for an otherwise good camera with terrific zoom. Lots of options and settings. Here are some thoughts I have on the UX, which is a pretty nice camera. Otherwise, the two cameras are identical.

The UX was a pleasure to use, with extensive controls typical of video cameras. The UX has its roots in professional television cameras, while dSLR are rooted in photography, and these two camps frequently use different terms to describe the same thing.

For example, video shooters work with sensitivity in dB terms, while photographic cameras have ISO. They are two completely different ways to describe more-or-less the same thing. The UX is a good size for stable handheld shooting, although having a shoulder pad of some sort would make it better for longer shoots. The 20x lens not a 15x lens as stated in this listing with its smooth zoom control is a delight if you are used to shooting with dSLRs.

I shot exclusively at UHD 4K 3, x 2, pixels , and the widest shot the lens can get is about The optical image stabilization works well, although it gets a bit dicey at mm telephoto. I did all my shooting at Mbps using one of the internal SD card slots. You will need an external recorder if you want to record bit 4: I looked all through the menus to see if there was a V Log or similar setting, but could not find such a setting.

Not a lot of extra dynamic range, but some. The images looked really good. The eyepiece viewfinder is bright, clear and sharp, so I used it more than I thought I would. The battery that came with the camera was good for hours of continuous use.

Panasonic provided a power supply and charger, and I believe that the power supply will run the camera when you plug it in. This could be useful in situations where the camera is on a tripod and power is nearby. The UX has an integrated shotgun mic mount that worked perfectly with my prosumer Audio-Technica shotgun mic. My mic has a stereo 3. If you find my review video on YouTube, you can see a brief interview I did with this setup.

I thought it had decent sensitivity in darker scenes, but it is not as good as my Panasonic GX8 in the dark. The Panasonic AG-UX is not for everyone, but it is a good camcorder for documentary, news, corporate, event, government and feature shooting. If you do feature and serious documentary use, you will probably want to use the UX with an external recorder that can do bit 4: My biggest complaints are that it has no shoulder mount and the 3. If Panasonic had let me keep it, I would be happily shooting with the UX right now instead of typing this.

With its clear 20x lens, good wide-angle, reasonable weight, XLR audio and SD card recording, it is flexible and its video looks very good. It is a good equipment but 6ave did not send me the camera warranty. The product was well-packaged and delivered promptly. One person found this helpful. See all 9 reviews. See all customer images.

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