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Tips for Writing a DARE Essay

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❶Body Paragraph Must include three different things that you learned about during D.

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Since there is nicotine, which I told you about earlier, you will want more and more. Soon, there will be many layers of tar, your lung surface. Will be so small that your lungs will go from as big as a shoe box to as small as a tennis ball.

That would be very hard to breathe with. I also learned that alcohol is also very bad for you. In fact, there are an estimated 75, alcohol related deaths each year. Alcohol is illegal for anyone under 21 years old. Alcohol slows down your brain and results in loss of coordination, poor judgement, memory loss, loss of self-control, and slow reflexes.

Alcohol can also be addictive. In fact about 18 million people abuse alcohol. This is awful but we can make a stand!!

We need to fight against this terrible substance. Alcohol, as l told you earlier creates poor judgement, therefore, many people die of alcohol related deaths each year including about 1, deaths from motor vehicle crashes, about 1, deaths from homicides, from alcohol poisoning, falls, burns, and drowning, and from suicide or killing themselves.

Added up this is about 10, alcohol related deaths each year from young people abusing it. Most people think that alcohol will make you look cool, but waddling around, puking on yourself, and passing out is not cool.

Alcohol also causes bad breath and weight gain. If you are caught, you will have to do community service, pay a fine, or take alcohol awareness classes. You may also get bad grades. These have been going down in the past few years, but WE can end it all together!!!!!

Thanks for listening to my presentation, and remember, We are the generation to stop drug abuse!!!! Did you know that alcohol weakens the heart muscle, and decreases the amount of blood that is pumped through the heart? We practiced this model in the many scenarios that we read.

Officer Weaver also taught us health related facts like, there are 75, alcohol related deaths each year in the U. This teaches us that when we are older we need to drink responsibly. Another topic he talked about was stress. Stress is the strain, pressure, or excitement that is felt about a certain situation.

Stress can also be very harmful ta your health. I recently used the D. Decision Making Model when I was at a swimming pool. I used it by taking a look at my situation, which was identifying my challenge. I was very tempted to get in because my cousins kept telling me to come swim. After thinking about it I chose to stay out of the pool. Another time I had to evaluate a sticky situation was when my sister came to me asking for advice.

After thinking about it I chose to talk directly to her. In the end this chaise worked because I was able to talk to her about how being unsportsmanlike was not okay and hurt our whole team. I plan to use what I have warned in my D. I can use my knowledge to make responsible choices and remember the facts about stress, alcohol, drug, and tobacco use. I have also realized that D. In my future I plan on being some type of doctor. Unfortunately, 75, alcohol related deaths occur each year in the U5!

Two health effects of alcohol are memory loss and loss of self-control. Sometimes, it can even lead to coma or death.

Some of the DARE skills t learned in the past ten weeks are how to say no to alcohol. Assess means to ask yourself. Respond means to make a choice by using the facts and information you have. One of the many types of bullying is Cyber Bullying. It was on an app on my ipad. Two things that helped me overcome it was all of the bystanders that stood up for me! Also, my parents gave me inspiring talks!

When we were talking about bullying in DARE, it brought back some hurtful memories, but it also cured my hurt! Now l feel better about it! It helped me because if someone I know were to use it, then maybe they would stop! I Olivia England, solemnly swear never to use drugs or to be a bully to anyone for as long as I live.

Nathan Lipkin Do you want to get into a good college? There are , deaths each year due to the use of tobacco Some of the health effects about alcohol are You can get arrested for the use of it at all This information is important because it can prevent the start of tobacco, drugs, and alcohol.

How to Deal With Peer Pressure Peer pressure is a hard thing to deal with, but you should always try to push through. Loss of hair 3. High blood pressure Some of the actions due to stress are Throw things or items You can always use different strategies to help you deal with stress like to use a stress ball or to hang out with friends.

Help Network A help network according to the D. Telling Tattling and telling are two totally different things. Jaylee Weyhrauch Did you know that there are over harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke? This can be done by going to the DARE official website and from there you will be able to gather all, or most, of the resources need to write an effective essay. Writing a DARE essay can be a great way for you to explore the success of the program as well as offer some constructive criticism or suggestions as to how they can become a better influence on youth.

This will allow you to show your reader that you think outside the box and take initiative to expand on good ideas. One of the aspects to cover when it comes to writing your essay, is the DARE officers that connect with kids. This allows them to ask questions that the officers can answer. This simple connection is vitally important to their success. Another aspect to the popular program is the curriculum. This is a part of DARE that can be written on to some extent. Writing a DARE essay will be much easier by incorporating the various factors of the the educational activities.

Take your first red dot. This is the second sentence in your first body paragraph. Now, on the note card, elaborate on your first two sentences. Use information from your D. Use facts to support your topic sentence and explanation. Finish this paragraph with sentences to support your topic sentence.

Take your second yellow dot. It is your topic sentence of the second body paragraph. Take your second red dot. This is the second sentence in your second body paragraph. It is your topic sentence of the third body paragraph.

Take your third red dot. This is the second sentence in your third body paragraph. When it is consumed, alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream. Because it enters the bloodstream so quickly, it can cause a person to lose control of their body, their ability to speak, and their ability to make good decisions. If a person consumes to much alcohol, they can go into a coma or even die. Alcohol can even negatively effect every organ in the human body. I have learned that if a friend passes out from drinking, it is important to call for help immediately.

Friends who have been drinking should not be allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, and I should not get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, can cause many health problems. Although no one under the age of 18 is permitted to purchase tobacco products, most tobacco users begin using tobacco products before the age of A person who begins smoking at an early age has a greater chance of developing tobacco-related health issues.

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Conclusion - Summarize your feelings about the D.A.R.E. program and how your new knowledge about drugs and violence will help you in the future D.A.R.E. is a great benefit to all sixth grade students.

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