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An Inspector Calls Coursework Essay Sample

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❶Original post by Steway Than you very much, it is very much appreciated.

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An Inspector Calls Coursework Essay Sample
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Powerline Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Powerline. Follow 7 Original post by Steway I desperately need help with my coursework. Follow 8 Thanx for your help Powerline! The inspector says "we are members of one body. Follow 9 Original post by Tainted Dreams Thanx for your help Powerline! Follow 10 Original post by Powerline I would probably help by quoting the title, but youll have to use a lot more quotes than that.

By using this, Priestly is showing readers well, viewers of the play that Eva Smith represents the whole of the lower class society. The Birlings are upper class citizens, and their pride and arrogance cause the death of Eva Smith. Priestly is showing us that because of the effects that upper class citizens have on the lower class, it causes more death, and because Eva smith represents the whole of the lower classed community, he shows us that it causes destruction to many of the lower class communty.

This shows us that he is not human, but supernatural in a sense. He is the embodiment of truth and stands for the rights of the lower class community. I already explained before about the birlings very quickly, but i could go into more detail for each one I have some work to do, but might be able to help with that later if it helps Follow 11 Follow 12 Thanx for all your help!

Follow 13 Follow 14 Can anyone give me any ideas for my coursework which ican then put into my own words. Follow 15 Original post by andypandy Can anyone give me any ideas for my coursework which ican then put into my own words.

Follow 16 Follow 17 Follow 18 Ahh, this topic takes me back. After the First World War had started Preistly joined the infantry and was almost killed on many occasions. His wartime experiences affected him greatly; his writing was greatly influenced by it.

Throughout the play J. Once the war was finished he got a degree from Cambridge University, he then moved to London to work as a freelance writer. He wrote over 50 plays and a lot of his work was groundbreaking and controversial, they included new ideas about parallel universes and strong political views.

Priestly died in He was a socialist. An interesting fact about J. Priestly was that he actually turned down a knighthood, in the play the character of Mr. Birling is desperate to gain a knighthood, that particular character is a representation of capitalism and Britain. The fact that Priestly turned down a knight hood shows his politics and lack of enthusiasm and patriotism for the British government. As the play was strongly political this is important, Priestly used the play to help change Britain into a place more of his own politics and ideas by using it as propaganda.

The play itself is centred on a family off well off people enjoying a cosy dinner to celebrate one of them becoming engaged. After the victory of the Second World War, he was reminded and began work on the play based in pre-war Britain, a time of wealth and prosperity for the rich. The main idea Priestly wanted to convey in this play is that the seven deadly sins really are deadly; we take note of this because they have driven a young woman to suicide.

The inspector is trying to teach the Birlings and Gerald how they have together, unsuspectingly collaborated to kill a person through selfish acts. He shocks and exposes everyone in-front of each other, as he teaches them the consequences of the moral evils they have committed. The audience watching this in would be sour to this after having to fight for their lives through two wars, and knowing the most luxurious vessel of the period sunk.

From his attitudes and statements they know exactly how wrong he was, and could devise he was a very blind, ignorant and foolish old man. Due to the uniqueness of the play, it is difficult to say which genre this work does indeed belong to; however it contains the certain elements which mean it could be horror or mystery.

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Jun 05,  · In the story, “An Inspector Calls”, Priestley wants the audience to realise the nature of society, through his characters, Sheila and Birling. His character Arthur .

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Sep 05,  · An inspector calls coursework help. 15 Writing Apps to Help You Write Papers and Essays Faster - College Info Geek - Duration: Thomas Frank , views.

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A secondary school revision resource for GCSE English Literature about the plot, characters and themes in J B Priestley's An Inspector Calls. An Inspector Calls Coursework Essay Sample. An Inspector Calls is about a family which helps towards the death of a young girl, Eva Smith. The name Eva, which is similar to Eve- from Adam and Eve, plus the fact that Smith is the most common English surname, implies that Eva Smith represents every lower-class working girl.

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May 10,  · Best Answer: Ugh, I remember doing my inspector calls coursework last year. I just scraped an A by one mark & it was my worst piece so don't worry it's not that difficult to get a B. Remember things such as the 'dramatic irony' that is Resolved. Coursework - an Inspector Calls. Coursework – An Inspector Calls In act one of вЂ?An Inspector Calls’ how does Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience, as well as interest them and involve them in his play?/5(1).