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❶This is a 27 page paper discussing the influence of fashion magazines throughout history on consumer society, culture and their status in the s. We see it as no different to a lecturer pointing students towards a document in a library.

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This is just because of lacking of time because when students start their college, they have a lot on their plate. A 10 page paper which examines the history of horseback riding fashion for women. Information pertaining to the history of women riding horses, fashion history when fashion became a specialized field addressing horseback riding habits for women, women wearing pants and changing fashion, and present day attire are all aspects addressed within the paper.

Bibliography lists 5 sources. A 3 page paper. Mining is the act of reviewing a literature review and noting authors and topics they write about. This has been accomplished with the following two dissertations.

Bibliography lists 2 sources. A 12 page paper, which is a dissertation prospectus. The topic is sustainability. The paper includes an introduction, problem statement significance of the study, problem statement, research questions, literature review, and method. This is a 27 page paper discussing the influence of British fashion magazines on the British consumer society and their influences throughout history up and including the s.

While fashion magazines have changed their format a great deal in the past century as today their pages contain over one third in advertisements, their content has also changed a great deal. The influence of the fashion magazine on the female consumer at the beginning of the 20th century reflected the expectations of society in regards to conservative or opulent looks depending on the decade.

Today, British fashion magazines tend to reflect the standards, or lack of standards, as now seen in the music and media industries.

In addition, it appears that in regards to consumer choice, fashion magazines are considered one of the less reliable sources available to consumers who prefer peer, family and local store recommendations over that of fashion magazines which appear as unreliable and unrealistic in regards to most situations and events.

Bibliography lists 26 sources. It is posited that fashions are always representative of the mindstate of the people who live in the era during which they are popular.

T-shirts, boots, jeans, and black leather jackets are among the many examples provided of fashion during the fifties. Bibliography lists 7 comprehensive sources. An 8 page paper which discusses the consideration for franchising a Fashion Cafe. Information relating to the targeted market is provided, as well as current information regarding the present condition of many Fashion Cafes. It can be essentially stated that there are far too many problems with the current Fashion Cafes to ever rationally invest in a franchise of such.

Fashion of the s was both sophisticated and moderate, groundbreaking and perpetual, high-end and affordable by any class. Indeed, s fashion marked a distinct division in clothing that can only be considered a pertinent era in the roots of American fashion.

Bibliography lists 8 sources. A 9 page paper. This essay discusses the relationship between fashion and identity, both individual identity and cultural identity.

Examples are offered to demonstrate dress and cultural identity. The relationship between dress, image, and identity is discussed using numerous sources. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

pay for dissertation fashion

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Pay for DISSERTATION Web based – The Response To All Of The Issues. Posting a dissertation is certainly challenging and quite a few demanding project trainees from internationally cope with. Apr 14,  · Fashion Dissertation Topics. A great selection of free fashion dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation.