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❶He waited beside her and when the great snake came for its prey, he cut off its head. The king was having a banquet at the palace, and Perseus seized the opportunity.


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Acrisius was very angry but was afraid to kill the boy or his mother because he feared Zeus. He had a great chest made, placed the two in it, and brought it to the sea and cast it into the water. The chest was tossed out to sea and finally one day, they landed on an island but they had no way to get out of the box. Fate willed it, or even Zeus, that they were discovered by a good fisherman, name Dictys. He came upon the box, broke it open and took them home to his wife who was as kind as he.

But in the end more trouble came. He wanted her, but not her son who was now fully grown , and he set himself to think of a way of getting rid of him. There existed some fearsome monsters called Gorgons who lived on an island and were known far and wide because of their deadly power. Polydectes talked to Perseus and told him that there was nothing that he rather have than one of their heads. He announced that he was to be married and called his friends to the celebration, including Perseus.

Each guest, as a custom, brought the bride-to-be a gift, except for Perseus. Mortified, he then stood up and declared that he would go off and kill Medusa which was one of the Gorgons and bring back her head as his gift. This was exactly what the king had planned.

There were three Gorgons and whoever looked at them was turned instantly to stone. Polydected fully expected Perseus never to return alive. Not daring to see his mother, he sailed off to Greece to learn where the monsters were to be found.

He then traveled to Dodona where the Selli lived and made their bread from acorns. They too did not know where the Gorgons lived. When and how Hermes and Athena came to his help was not known but he must have known despair before they did so.

At last, however, as he wandered, he met a strange and beautiful person - none other than Hermes, the messenger god and the guide for the giver of good. This radiant person told him that before he attacked Medusa, he must first be properly equipped, and that what he needed was in the possession of the nymphs of the North.

These three women were all grey and withered as in extreme age. They had but one eye for the three, which they would take turns with, each removing it from her forehead after she had used it for a time and then handing it to another. Hermes unfolded the plan. He would lead Perseus to them and when they arrived, he would remain hidden until one of them took their eye out of their forehead to pass it on.

At that moment, he would rush forward and seize the eye and refuse to give it back until they told him how to reach the nymphs of the North. This was a wonderful gift, but what use was a sword if the creature to be struck by it could turn it into stone before he was within striking distance?

The goddess Athena stood beside Perseus and she took off her shield of polished bronze and gave it to him. She told him he would be able to see Medusa in it as in a mirror, and so avoid her deadly power.

And so he now was bound for the country of the Hyperboreans. No one had been able to reach the place of the Hyperboreans but since Hermes was with him, the road laid open to Perseus.

There he found a host full of people always banqueting and holding joyful revelry, who welcomed him kindly. They gave him three things: Now, Perseus was ready for the Gorgons and Hermes knew where they lived. Luckily they were asleep when Perseus found them. In the mirror of the shield, he saw the creature with great wings and bodies covered with golden scales and hair a mass of twisting snakes.

In the dark of the night they reached the sacred grove where the Golden Fleece hung. The skilled witch Medea soothed the loathsome and hissing dragon with incantations and then gave Jason drops of a magic potion to sprinkle on its eyelids. With the dragon fast asleep, Jason stealthily unfastened the Fleece from the oak tree and with Medea hurried down to the waiting Argo. King Aeetes started off in pursuit of the Argonauts but could not overtake them.

As is the case in most of mythology, various sources cite different versions. According to some, King Styrus of Albania, who had come to Colchis to marry Medea at the time when the Argonauts arrived in the country, joined Aeetes, but he drowned during the pursuit. Because of the death of his son King Aeetes gave up the chase and returned to Colchis, but he sent many others to search for the Argonauts, threatening that, if they did not bring the Golden Fleece and his daughter back to him, they should suffer the punishment due to her In the meanwhile, because of the horrendous acts which they had committed, the Argonauts were driven off course by fierce storms that Zeus sent.

The witch Circe, who purified the Argonauts for the murder of Apsyrtus, is sometimes said to be the daughter of the sun god Helios. But some say that she was the daughter of Aeetes by Hecate. Circe was the one who later would trap Odysseus and his men, turning them into swine.

When the Argonauts had been purified by Circe they sailed past the Sirens, who tried to attract the crew with their seductive song. However he was saved by Aphrodite, who carried him away and settled him in Lilybaeum the island of Sicily. During the escape the Argonauts received help from the the goddess Thetis and her Nereids, who were fifty sea-nymphs, in order to avoid the danger of Scylla and Charybdis, sea monsters guarding each side of the passage between Sicily and Italy. Scylla is one of the sea-monsters which was on one side of the Strait of Messina, between Italy and Sicily, the other being Charybdis.

Scylla had the face and upper body of a woman, but from the flanks she had six heads and twelve feet of dogs. Not a pretty sight. Charybdis was a sea-monster, who three times a day drew up the water of the sea and then spouted it again, thus forming a whirlpool.

She lay in wait on one side of the narrow Strait of Messina, and on the other side was Scylla. The two sides were so close to each other that one could even shoot an arrow across. So sailors, on trying to avoid Charybdis became the victims of Scylla. Your teacher will be amazed! Before they returned to Iolcus the Argonauts landed at Crete, where Medea killed the giant bronze creature called Talos, who guarded the island and threw huge rocks at any approaching ship.

Four months after the start of the voyage, the Argo returned home. But when they reached Iolcus Jason found out that his parents and brother Promachus had been killed - Mean King Pelias had seen to that! Jason surrendered the Golden Fleece as per the agreement and dedicated the mighty Argo to Poseidon.

He then conspired with Medea as to how to punish King Pelias for the murder of his kin. They were dead wrong! The daughters were hysterical once they realized that they had murdered their own father. They settled in Corinth, had two sons and lived happily for ten years. But Jason eventually grew restless, dumped Medea, the "foreign witch" as everybody called her, and took on a younger wife called Glauce, who was the daughter of the King of Corinth.

At stake was the kingdom of Mycenae, a rich and powerful place. Zeus sent a message to Helios, that he should reverse his course at the appointed time. He then told Atreus to make Thyestes swear that he would give up any claims to the throne if a divine miracle, such as the sun going backwards, would occur.

That was the first and only day that the sun set in the east. When Zeus desired to lay with a mortal woman named Alcmene so that he could father Heracles Hercules , he commanded Helios to take three days off. He wanted to turn one night into three because he knew the creation of such a great hero as Heracles could not be rushed. Zeus next had Selene Moon go slowly and Hypnos Sleep to make the world so drowsy that nobody noticed this strange occurrence. Heracles strung his bow and let fly an arrow at Helios, but immediately realized his mistake and apologized profusely to the sun god.

Equally courteous, Helios then gave Heracles a golden goblet, shaped like a water-lily, which he used to sail across the great Oceanus. One time the sea god Poseidon got into a dispute with Helios over ownership of Corinth, a rich region of Greece.

The argument was left to Zeus to decide and the King of the Olympians ruled that Helios could keep the Acropolis of Corinth and Poseidon would possess the Isthmus of Corinth, which greatly displeased the god of the sea. Since Helios sees everything that happens during the daytime he was the one to inform Hephaestus that his wife Aphrodite was being unfaithful with Ares.

Acting on this information, Hephaestus fashioned a net so fine it was nearly invisible, but strong as steel, and captured the two love birds in bed. To punish Helios for being such a big-mouth, Aphrodite caused him to fall in love with a mortal beauty named Leucothoe, and his seduction of her led to her death.

It was Helios the all-seeing to whom Demeter turned for information when she was seeking her kidnapped daughter, Persephone. In anger she withdrew her services and the earth began to wither and die while Demeter wandered the earth in search of Persephone. Another time the Giants attacked Mount Olympus and threatened to overthrow Zeus. These Giants were long-haired and bearded and had serpent tails for feet. Sons of Mother Earth Gaea , the Giants numbered twenty-four.

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