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Business School and MBA Application Essays

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❶You can use the time you purchase for any hourly Accepted service including interview coaching and resume editing. She has a deep knowledge of the whole process and had really helped in understanding pitfalls in my essay.


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For those of you who are on the fence due to the cost, I encourage you to start with the 1-hour session like I did. You will be impressed with their services, professionalism, and results. My consultant helped in brainstorming essay topics, suggesting areas to add examples and strengthen the content, as well as editing the flow and grammar. I would definitely recommend Accepted to anyone looking for some extra help and inside knowledge in writing their essays.

I choose accepted by seeing their reviews and the experience of editing experts. I am lucky to have Cindy as my editor. She have a great knowledge as what EMBA essay demands by school. She reviewed my draft version of essay and provided me elaborated comments on my essay and guided me as to where the necessary changes are required. She responded to my emails on time and the entire editing work was done on time and within agreed budget. I worked with Accepted. The staff was friendly and the process was clear.

I had a tight timeline for my 5 applications. Jen worked with me to prioritize what I needed to do and provided clear comments on where and how I should improve my essay and resume. Cindy was very helpful, very experienced and gave me guidance on the content after talking to me briefly for the first time. Cindy worked according to my schedule and she is very accommodative of my requests.

Cindy asked me to buy an hour at a time and did not waste my time at all. Its the best decision I made and money well spent. I appreciate her guidance and time consciousness. I will not hesitate to recommend Cindy to future MBA aspirants.

I thank Cindy and accepted. However, business school applications are a completely different animal. Jen really helped me focus on how best to leverage my past experience to make me a viable candidate on paper. She was extremely honest in her feedback. Jen helped me draft and focus my essays to highlight my strengths and address my weaknesses in such a way that they would not make me seem less viable as a candidate. Robbie Walker also assisted me, and I appreciated her candor and making me complete multiple drafts of the same essay, when I would have taken the easy way out.

Again, I wanted to write this review and say that I truly appreciate all of the assistance that both Jen and Robbie were able to provide me. I believe it was critical in getting accepted to a quality program that was the right fit for me. Also, I was accepted into a top 10 program and received a generous scholarship. I paid per service hour and never felt like my time was wasted. The advice and revisions were succinct and timely. I initially had a free consultation call with Michelle, during which time we discussed schools, my profile, and the process of the application.

Following this, I got started with my essays and boy, was I glad I signed up with Accepted! The edits have made me feel 10x more confident in my personal statement. Thank you so much!!!! I appreciated the honest critique and the overall outcome. It helped streamline my thoughts which helped the overall flow. It was more then what I was expecting.

The only issue I have was the fact that I mentioned in my order that the essay has a word limit and she did not shorten my submission to that limit. Thank you very much!!! My essays are much much better because of the edits and critique EssayEdge provided. The face of business school admission has changed in recent years.

An increasing number of foreign students are applying and gaining acceptance. The economic downturn has meant that more students are pursuing Executive MBA or other part-time business programs.

Given the changes to the topography of the business environment, your MBA admission essay component is more important than ever. Business degrees offer broad prospects for employment in the fields of finance, accounting, management and more. Aspiring business students thus bring many different attributes to the table. Honing in on those characteristics is one of the great challenges in essay-drafting.

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Your personal consultant will polish your MBA essays to make them clear and enjoyable to read. Submit compelling essays. Sharpen your competitive edge. Essay editing. Packages must all be used in one application cycle. Use of packages in years after the application cycle of purchase will incur additional charges.

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Essay Editing; Essay Editing. I can help you write an excellent essay! Contact Lauren for an appointment. Editing Service (For MBA admissions essays, personal statements, reference letters, and postgraduate admissions essays) _____ Basic.

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Need help with your MBA essay? Get professional advice on your writing and strategy from our MBA admissions consultants. Learn more here. MBA admissions advice, essay consulting and editing service, free essay writing course, tips for essays of different schools, and tool to select business schools.

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MBA Editing Services A Masters in Business administration from a top tier school is an incomparable asset to your career. The median base salary for a Harvard Business School MBA graduate in is $, Essay consulting to help build or improve content of your essays. Essay editing to improve the presentation of the content.