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❶Update the app to the latest version. The only other times we share personal data is upon user request or when required to by a court of law.

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Word Problems with Percentages Video. Negative Numbers - Math Video. Add Mixed Numbers Video. Area - Triangle Video. Area - Parallelogram Video. Volume of a Prism Video. Surface Area of a Cube Video. How to Find the Volume of a Cube Video. Surface Area - Prism Video. Algebra - Distributive Property Video. Algebra - Associative Property Video. Algebra - Commutative Property Video. Single Variable - Math Video. Slope Intercept Form Video. Slope of a Line - Math Video.

How to Find the Slope of a Line Video. Just How Small is an Atom? Our system has been used very successfully in many middle schools and high schools. Many adults seem to forget how difficult and time consuming it was to learn the multiplication facts. Research says the best way to remember is by using visual images and stories. It really can be FUN! What I enjoy most about the Premium Learning System is that it allows me to monitor student progress in real time. Students enjoy it because, with Zippy as a guide and games to entertain them, the program feels more like playing than working.

Every student benefits from this unique approach to learning multiplication facts. The real strength of this program is the salvation it offers the academically challenged and at-risk learner. My son struggled in math last year gradually losing self-confidence. Our Privacy Policy provides more detail. We collect only the minimum amount of information required to operate our program. For detailed information about what information we collect, and how long we keep it, see our Privacy Policy.

This option on the classroom sign-in page allows you to quickly set up many computers or devices. When you tell XtraMath to remember your network, you do not need to enter your password on each new computer or device, as long as they are on the same network.

This authorization lasts for two hours. This authorization does not allow anyone to sign in to your teacher account or view student scores, but it does reveal your name, and the names of students in your classes, to other computers on your network. Once the student is familiar with XtraMath, the teacher appears as a still image to avoid being repetitive. However, the teacher may appear in videos again later, such as when the student begins working on a new operation.

All of our videos include audio. If the sound is not playing, the cause is usually that your device is muted without you realizing it. This can be a very counterintuitive setting. Instructions depend on what type of device you have:. XtraMath works best on up-to-date browsers. If possible, update your browser to the most recent version. You can check if your browser is up-to-date at Browser-Update. XtraMath requires Javascript to be enabled.

It is usually enabled already, as most websites require Javascript to work properly. All of our web content is served from xtramath. The IP addresses for these domains are controlled by Amazon Web Services and are subject to change occasionally. We do not have control over when or how these addresses may change. You must agree to certain terms to use XtraMath. Here are our Terms of Service.

XtraMath is a c 3 charity. Donations to XtraMath are tax deductible. We guarantee that XtraMath never insults students.

These changes only appear on that specific device, and will disappear if the page is refreshed or reloaded. There are numerous YouTube videos that explain how this prank is done. We can provide a limited amount of support via email. Go to our Support page for instructions. By reading the FAQ you can often get an answer for your question or solve your problem right away rather than waiting for a response.

There are a lot of different computers, browsers, versions, and system configurations out there. There are also temporary Internet connectivity problems and individual computer issues that are beyond our control. Here are some suggestions that may help, depending on the type of issue you are experiencing:.

If the FAQ and suggestions do not help then we are happy to assist you via email. Please include any relevant information, which may include:. A picture can be worth a thousand words, so consider attaching a screenshot.

They can be very helpful in tracking down technical problems. Send the email to erika xtramath. We get a lot of email, especially during the school year, so thank you in advance for your patience!

We will put your tax-deductible donation to work improving the program and making XtraMath available to more students that need it. Our goal is to develop effective, efficient, adaptive, and intrinsically rewarding supplemental math activities.

XtraMath started in the fall of when David Jeschke , a computer programmer, volunteered at a local elementary school and recognized the need for an individualized math practice program. XtraMath spread rapidly to other classrooms by word of mouth and the program continues to evolve to meet the needs of the students, teachers, and parents. In Chris was honored as a " Hero in the Classroom. Heading up our internationalization effort is Seattle native Jennifer Truluck. Sterling spends his spare time playing and coaching Ultimate Frisbee.

The exceptionally patient Erika Newell answers email questions from parents and teachers. Her children love using XtraMath. Our Spanish-language math teacher, "Maestra A. We encourage and appreciate your questions, comments and suggestions. For any matter related to XtraMath please email erika xtramath. Due to limited resources we can only offer support via email. If you believe in what we are doing please consider a tax-deductible donation to support and improve XtraMath and reach more kids that need help.

XtraMath appreciates the generous support of our donors and:. Allovus provided the visual and interaction design for our web site. We would also like to thank all of the teachers and parents and students that have used XtraMath and provided us with valuable feedback, and the following individuals for their assistance and support: It is available in the app store for just a few dollars.

If you are a kid, be sure to ask your parents before buying the app. XtraMath is a nonprofit. But it costs a lot of money to offer our program that is used by millions of kids around the world. App sales pay our bills and allow us to keep improving the program. Thank you for supporting XtraMath! If your child brought an XtraMath flyer home from school, please begin by enrolling your child.

If you already have an account and would like to add another child, sign in and click Add child. This authorizes this device to display the names of students in your classes. This authorization is remembered, so you only need to do this once per device. Tell your teacher or parent that you are finished with your current XtraMath program. Create new accounts and send home parent flyers.

Print flyers to send home with students so they can do XtraMath at home and parents can monitor progress. Flyers are customized to each student, and allow access to student records, so please ensure that each student gets the correct flyer. Remember, the more you practice the better you will become at math. So come back tomorrow, okay?

Because I want you to be good at math. And that takes practice. It feels good to get better at something. Do you feel like you are getting better at math?

If you make a mistake or cannot figure out the answer I will show you the right answer so you can type it in. If you see a green checkmark it means you got that answer right!

If you see a red x it means you got that answer wrong. If you see a blue hourglass it means time ran out on that question. The best thing to get is a smiley face. It means you got that answer right and did it quickly. With practice you will be able to get smiley faces every time. Just do your best and everything will be OK.

We will start with the easiest problems first. Go as fast as you can but not so fast that you make mistakes. We are going to have to do one or two more subtraction quizzes to finish the subtraction placement test.

This will be very similar to the last quiz. We are going to have to do one or two more multiplication quizzes to finish the multiplication placement test. Do you think you are ready for division? We are going to have to do one or two more division quizzes to finish the division placement test. But I suspect you knew that already! But first, look at this matrix of problems.

Some of the squares are colored. A gray square means we are going to practice that problem. A yellow square means you are pretty good at that problem. A green square means you are really good at that problem. This is also your chance to change the colored squares on your matrix to yellow and green.

You might be able to change only one or two squares to green today. But if you do XtraMath regularly then you can turn all of the squares to green. You can do it if you try hard! I know you can. For each problem you try to answer it before I do. Do you want to know the secret to answering the questions before I do? Questions come back over and over again so try to remember the answer rather than figuring it out. Try it this time! If I answer the question before you do then repeat the question and answer to yourself in your head a couple of times before you type it in.

That will help you remember the answer when the problem comes back. You finished another practice! Do you think you are getting better at these problems?

Try to beat me to the answer as often as you can. The secret is to recall the answer if you can. Otherwise, you have to figure it out, which can take a long time. In extra sessions we will do more practicing. I want you to know, though, that it is more important for you to do XtraMath every day than it is for you to do XtraMath many times in one day.

When you are taking the quiz try to remember the answers. When this happens I will show you the right answer. You will get to practice this problem and show that you know the right answer in the future. Type in the right answer to move on to the next question. And it will take you much longer to reach your goal of mastering all these facts. But it is really important for you to learn these math facts. You will use them many times in the rest of your math classes and for the rest of your life!

It appears that you are typing in wrong answers on purpose again. I sent a note in e-mail to your teacher and parent letting them know. I will show you a problem and you type in the answer as quickly as you can. But now you know how quizzes work in XtraMath. About the student activities. About the progress reports. Get started - for parents. Get started - for teachers. XtraMath in the classroom. Oops, an error occurred loading this video. Check this box if you are removing classes from many devices on this network.

Submit a parent or teacher email address and we will email you a link to reset your password. Link your account Password: Link your account Email: Verify Password Confirm your password to modify your email address.

Confirm account deletion Your account will be deleted. For security reasons, enter your password to delete your account.

Confirm selection Are and two names for the same student? If they are not please select another option, probably None of the above. Print the PIN numbers that students use to sign in.

Keep the printout in a convenient location for quick reference. Authorize classroom computers to display student names and organize student turns. Class info Class name: Calendar Key The calendar identifies days the student did XtraMath. Export student data Student data will be exported as a. Export class data Class data will be exported as a.

Print class report Include student reports. PINs allow access to student records, so they should not be posted publicly. Remove class Do you really want to remove this class from your account? This class will no longer appear in your account, any student accounts that are not already associated with another parent or teacher account will be deleted, and you cannot undo this operation.

Remove child Do you really want to remove this child from your account? If the child account is not associated with another parent or teacher account it will be deleted. Remove student Do you really want to remove this student from your account? If the student account is not associated with another parent or teacher account it will be deleted. Share class Submit the email address of another teacher that has an XtraMath account. Confirm sign-in The student report link belongs to another teacher account.

Sign in to that account? Child settings Student settings Remove child Remove student. Add to contacts Please add server xtramath. Your account has been updated. Video load error This is probably a temporary network issue.

Video unavailable Please connect to the Internet to view this video. If one of our links is broken please email us to let us know. In the meanwhile, maybe you can start from our home page and find what you are looking for there? Enroll Enter an enrollment code. XtraMath respects your privacy and does not sell your information to third parties.

Confirm share request Invalid share request URL. XtraMath needs your help! Use this toggle to switch between seeing detailed instructions for our website or mobile app. What is the purpose of XtraMath? Each session consists of three or so activities. Learn about the mastery score and mastery matrix.

A program also specifies a threshold and a problem set for its operations. After placement, the student takes a progress quiz as the first activity of the first session of the day. A session begins when a student signs in, and is considered complete once the student has finished all activities and signed out.

Correct answers within the threshold get a smiley face. Correct answers beyond the threshold get a green checkmark. In alternative programs the threshold can be increased to six seconds, or decreased to two or one and a half seconds.

Upon timeout, the answer is shown with an hourglass icon. The student must enter the answer to continue on to the next problem. Both parent accounts and teacher accounts have access to the same student performance data, but they organize students in different ways: What kind of account should I use if I homeschool my child?

One of my children is using XtraMath through school. Can my other children use it too? Sign in to your XtraMath parent account. Click the Add child tab. Tap My kids in the upper left. My child used XtraMath last year. How do I set them up for the new school year? A small popup will appear with account details. This will be available in our apps soon.

In the meantime, use XtraMath on the web for this task. How do I change my email address or other account settings? Sign in to your parent or teacher account. At the top of the page, click Account. Make any desired changes, then click Submit at the bottom of the page. Sign in to your parent or teacher account and open the menu in the upper left. Tap your name, near the bottom of the menu, to see your current account information. Make any desired changes, then tap Submit in the upper right corner.

What do the icons on the sign-in pages mean? See the icon descriptions in the reports section. How do I remove unwanted classes from the classroom sign-in page?

From the classroom sign-in page , click the pencil icon above the class names. You should now see a list of all teachers who have authorized their classes to be shown on the computer. From the classroom sign-in page, tap Edit in the upper right. You should now see a list of all teachers who have authorized their classes to be shown on the device.

What operations will my student practice in XtraMath? That grade level determines which mathematical operations the student will practice, as follows: Why does XtraMath have a timer? Can I turn that off? Sign in to your parent or teacher account, and go to the student report. Click Student settings on the left side of the report. Open the Edit menu in the upper right, and tap Student settings. Why do you show answers to the student? Can students do XtraMath more than once per day?

What if a student must leave in the middle of an XtraMath session? Will XtraMath work for my child with special needs? XtraMath has division with zero! Here is an example of the difference between zero as a dividend and a divisor: How do I change the operation that my student is working on?

Click Student settings , on the left side of the report, and select a new program for the student. If you do not see your desired program in the dropdown list, select Custom Program and more options will appear. Teachers can also change the program for multiple students at once. To do so, go to a class report and click Change programs. Select a new program, and which students you would like to reassign to that program, then click Change. Open the Edit menu in the upper right, tap Student settings , and select a new program for this student.

Can they continue using XtraMath? Which program should I assign next? Consider the following questions when deciding which program, if any, to assign next.

Can I have a student start over from the beginning? Sign in to your teacher account and go to a class report. Click Change programs on the left side of the report. Change the left drop-down menu from Change program to Restart program. Select students as needed, then click Restart. What is an XtraMath program? Is it possible to have my student practice more than one operation — like addition and subtraction — in the same activity?

My child is struggling with XtraMath. Here is what you can tell your child if they are struggling with XtraMath: XtraMath takes only a few minutes each day, but it requires your undivided attention during that time. Stay focused on the problems and do your best every time. Accuracy is more important than speed — but once you do know the answer, type it in promptly.

You will have many more chances to answer that same problem in the future. Try to remember the answer first, and if you cannot remember it, then calculate it. Never enter wrong answers on purpose. If you do, your score will drop significantly and it will take you several sessions to prove what you already know and get back to where you should be.

It can take a long time to master an operation, so be patient and be persistent. Do XtraMath as regularly as possible while following this advice and you will make good progress. XtraMath goes too fast for my child. Most students become comfortable with typing numbers after only a few sessions of XtraMath, but if typing speed is a problem, have the student practice number typing prior to using XtraMath. A web search will turn up many number typing games.

For some students, a touch screen may work better than a keyboard or mouse. Another option is for the student to say the answer aloud, and an adult or older child to type it in on their behalf. Also, see our tips for struggling students. Can I reposition the keypad for a left-handed student? What reports on student performance are available? XtraMath has three types of reports: A class report provides a summary of progress for an entire class.

Class reports only appear in teacher accounts. A date report shows all activity for a specific student on a specific date. To access any report, sign in to your parent or teacher account. Click a tab to view the corresponding class or student report.

Switch between class reports by opening the menu in the upper left and tapping a class name. What does a mastery score mean, and how is it determined? What do the various icons mean? They appear on the student sign-in and classroom sign-in pages, and to the left of student names on the class report when viewed online. They will be selected for a turn later.

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