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I study the ancient Romans and Etruscans. I grew up outside Monterey, California. Latin has influenced the English language tremendously. Most of the influence, however, has been indirect.

The indirect effect of Latin on English came mainly after the Normans invaded England in Their language, not suprisingly, influenced English. Since their language French was a Romance language descended from Latin, this gave Latin an indirect influence on English. But this influence was not as But this influence was not as great or as lasting as the indirect influence.

In between the end of Roman occupation and the Norman invasion, Latin also influenced English because Latin was the language of the Catholic Church which was then the only Christian church. This alone make Latin the most important language to influence English. For example, the word, promise, comes from "pro-mitto," meaning to send before.

Here are some more examples: I think you get the picture. Also Latin has influenced our grammar. For example, the distinction between "I" and "me" is based on cases.

I equals nominative case in Latin and me equals dative, ablative and accusative cases. Even little things like the improper use of split infinitives come from Latin, since in Latin infinitives cannot be split. For example, to love is amare one word in Latin. So, in short, Latin continues to play a huge role. Among the three great influences, -Latin, French, Scandinavian, -Latin is the oldest.

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For help with those tricky Latin verbs, noun declension, and other Latin grammar homework, turn to Bright Hub Education’s large repository of study guides, translation techniques, memorization tips, vocabulary cheat sheets and more, all designed to help you master this fascinating “dead" language that is still being used today.

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The Latin language (along with ancient Greek) is sometimes called a “dead” language. This refers to the fact that few now speak it as their mother tongue in everyday situations. Yet Latin remains a subject studied and used by millions of people across the globe.

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Some years before Jesus Christ was born – verb Blog Read about languages and people all around the world! ‘ in fact, i latin language homework help computers at The Granville School and St. Luckily for them they were found by a she — skrivit” in Swedish. Whether you are studying for the priesthood or want to read Virgil, a Latin tutor from Chegg can help you conquer this dead language. With no native speakers, Latin resources are hard to come by. To help with reading and writing for your class, reach out to an online Latin tutor from Chegg Tutors. Hailing from a wide range of universities .

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Mar 05,  · Even though Latin is a sort of a dead language, we suggest looking for a Latin speaking person to talk in Latin to. Consider joining a Latin speaking club, which you can find in your area. There, you will get necessary practice, receive some Latin homework help and make new Latin speaking friends.4/4(51). Find a Latin translation Whether you are studying for homework priesthood or want to read Virgil, a Latin homework from Chegg can help you conquer this dead language. With no native speakers, Latin resources are hard to come by.