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These works can also be understood as a form of video game , [1] either in the form of an adventure game or role-playing game. In common usage, the term refers to text adventures , a type of adventure game where the entire interface can be " text-only ", [2] however, graphical text adventure games, where the text is accompanied by graphics still images, animations or video still fall under the text adventure category if the main way to interact with the game is by typing text. Some users of the term distinguish between interactive fiction, known as "Puzzle-free", that focuses on narrative, and "text adventures" that focus on puzzles.

Due to their text-only nature, they sidestepped the problem of writing for widely divergent graphics architectures. The number of interactive fiction works is increasing steadily as new ones are produced by an online community, using freely available development systems. The term can also be used to refer to digital versions of literary works that are not read in a linear fashion, known as gamebooks , where the reader is instead given choices at different points in the text; these decisions determine the flow and outcome of the story.

The most famous example of this form of printed fiction is the Choose Your Own Adventure book series, and the collaborative " addventure " format has also been described as a form of interactive fiction. Text adventures are one of the oldest types of computer games and form a subset of the adventure genre.

The player uses text input to control the game, and the game state is relayed to the player via text output. Interactive fiction usually relies on reading from a screen and on typing input, although text-to-speech synthesizers allow blind and visually impaired users to play interactive fiction titles as audio games.

Input is usually provided by the player in the form of simple sentences such as "get key" or "go east", which are interpreted by a text parser. Parsers may vary in sophistication; the first text adventure parsers could only handle two-word sentences in the form of verb-noun pairs.

This level of complexity is the standard for works of interactive fiction today. Despite their lack of graphics, text adventures include a physical dimension where players move between rooms. Many text adventure games boasted their total number of rooms to indicate how much gameplay they offered. This can create mazes that do not behave as players expect, and thus players must maintain their own map. MUDs, which became popular in the mids, rely on a textual exchange and accept similar commands from players as do works of IF; however, since interactive fiction is single player, and MUDs, by definition, have multiple players, they differ enormously in gameplay styles.

MUDs often focus gameplay on activities that involve communities of players, simulated political systems, in-game trading, and other gameplay mechanics that are not possible in a single player environment.

Interactive fiction features two distinct modes of writing: As described above, player input is expected to be in simple command form imperative sentences. The responses from the game are usually written from a second-person point of view , in present tense. This is because, unlike in most works of fiction, the main character is closely associated with the player, and the events are seen to be happening as the player plays.

While older text adventures often identified the protagonist with the player directly, newer games tend to have specific, well-defined protagonists with separate identities from the player. The classic essay "Crimes Against Mimesis" [6] discusses, among other IF issues, the nature of "You" in interactive fiction. A typical response might look something like this, the response to "look in tea chest" at the start of Curses:. You pick it up anyway, bored as you are.

Though neither program was developed as a narrative work, the software programs ELIZA — and SHRDLU — can formally be considered early examples of interactive fiction, as both programs used natural language processing to take input from their user and respond in a virtual and conversational manner. The development of effective natural language processing would become an essential part of interactive fiction development.

Around , Will Crowther , a programmer and an amateur caver, wrote the first text adventure game, Adventure originally called ADVENT because a filename could only be six characters long in the operating system he was using, and later named Colossal Cave Adventure. Adventure was programmed in Fortran for the PDP Tolkien , and included a troll, elves, and a volcano some claim is based on Mount Doom , but Woods says was not.

Adventure is a cornerstone of the online IF community; there currently exist dozens of different independently-programmed versions, with additional elements, such as new rooms or puzzles, and various scoring systems. The popularity of Adventure led to the wide success of interactive fiction during the late s, when home computers had little, if any, graphics capability.

Adventure was also directly responsible for the founding of Sierra Online later Sierra Entertainment ; Ken and Roberta Williams played the game and decided to design one of their own, [9] but with graphics.

Adventure International was founded by Scott Adams not to be confused with the creator of Dilbert. In , Adams wrote Adventureland , which was loosely patterned after the original Colossal Cave Adventure. He took out a small ad in a computer magazine in order to promote and sell Adventureland , thus creating the first commercial adventure game.

In he founded Adventure International, the first commercial publisher of interactive fiction. The term Implementer was the self-given name of the creators of the text adventure series Zork.

It is for this reason that game designers and programmers can be referred to as an implementer , often shortened to Imp, rather than a writer. In early , the game was completed. In order to make its games as portable as possible, Infocom developed the Z-machine , a custom virtual machine that could be implemented on a large number of platforms, and took standardized "story files" as input. In a non-technical sense, Infocom was responsible for developing the interactive style that would be emulated by many later interpreters.

The Infocom parser was widely regarded as the best of its era. It accepted complex, complete sentence commands like "put the blue book on the writing desk" at a time when most of its competitors parsers were restricted to simple two word verb-noun combinations such as "put book". Several companies offered optional commercial feelies physical props associated with a game. These materials were very difficult for others to copy or otherwise reproduce, and many included information that was essential to completing the game.

Seeing the potential benefits of both aiding game-play immersion and providing a measure of creative copy-protection, in addition to acting as a deterrent to software piracy, Infocom and later other companies began creating feelies for numerous titles.

In , Infocom released a special version of the first three Zork titles together with plot-specific coins and other trinkets. Interactive fiction became a standard product for many software companies. Such graphic adventures became the dominant form of the genre on computers with graphics, like the Apple II.

Synapse Software and Acornsoft were also closed in Leaving Infocom as the leading company producing text-only adventure games on the Apple II with sophisticated parsers and writing, and still advertising its lack of graphics as a virtue. Probably the first commercial work of interactive fiction produced outside the U. Also worthy of mention are Delta 4 , Melbourne House , and the homebrew company Zenobi.

In the early s Edu-Ware also produced interactive fiction for the Apple II as designated by the "if" graphic that was displayed on startup. Their titles included the Prisoner and Empire series Empire I: World Builders , Empire II: SwordThrust and Eamon were simple two-word parser games with many role-playing elements not available in other interactive fiction.

By March , there were 48 titles published for the Eamon system and over titles in total as of March In Italy, interactive fiction games were mainly published and distributed through various magazines in included tapes.

The software house producing those games was Brainstorm Enterprise, and the most prolific IF author was Bonaventura Di Bello , [20] who produced 70 games in the Italian language. The wave of interactive fiction in Italy lasted for a couple of years thanks to the various magazines promoting the genre, then faded and remains still today a topic of interest for a small group of fans and less known developers, celebrated on Web sites and in related newsgroups.

In Spain, interactive fiction was considered a minority genre, and was not very successful. Later on, in , the same company produced an interactive fiction about Don Quijote. During this period, the Club de Aventuras AD CAAD , the main Spanish speaking community around interactive fiction in the world, was founded, and after the end of Aventuras AD in , the CAAD continued on its own, first with their own magazine, and then with the advent of Internet, with the launch of an active internet community that still produces interactive non commercial fiction nowadays.

It started out from the ashes of Infocom. The text adventures produced by Legend Entertainment used high-resolution graphics as well as sound. The Awakening — the well-known first-person shooter action game using the Unreal Engine for both impressive graphics and realistic physics. After the decline of the commercial interactive fiction market in the s, an online community eventually formed around the medium.

In , the Usenet newsgroup rec. By custom, the topic of rec. As of late , discussions between writers have mostly moved from rec. For years, amateurs with the IF community produced interactive fiction works of relatively limited scope using the Adventure Game Toolkit and similar tools. The breakthrough that allowed the interactive fiction community to truly prosper, however, was the creation and distribution of two sophisticated development systems.

In , Michael J. Roberts released TADS , a programming language designed to produce works of interactive fiction. In , Graham Nelson released Inform , a programming language and set of libraries which compiled to a Z-Code story file. Each of these systems allowed anyone with sufficient time and dedication to create a game, and caused a growth boom in the online interactive fiction community. Despite the lack of commercial support, the availability of high quality tools allowed enthusiasts of the genre to develop new high quality games.

Competitions such as the annual Interactive Fiction Competition for short works, the Spring Thing for longer works, and the XYZZY Awards , further helped to improve the quality and complexity of the games.

Modern games go much further than the original "Adventure" style, improving upon Infocom games, which relied extensively on puzzle solving, and to a lesser extent on communication with non player characters, to include experimentation with writing and story-telling techniques. While the majority of modern interactive fiction that is developed is distributed for free, there are some commercial endeavors. In , Michael Berlyn a former an Implementor at Infocom, started a new game company, Cascade Mountain Publishing, whose goals were to publish interactive fiction.

Despite the Interactive Fiction community providing social and financial backing Cascade Mountain Publishing went out of business in To learn more about the history of interactive fiction, see the Get Lamp documentary. As the games were text based and used variants of the same Z-machine interpreter, the interpreter only had to be ported to a computer once, rather than once each game.

Each game file included a sophisticated parser which allowed the user to type complex instructions to the game. For instance one might type "open the large door, then go west", or "go to the hall". The website provides materials on planning and organizing, reading and researching, using sources, style, and editing. If you teach about different writing genres e. Most materials in the website are supported by PDF versions that teachers can use as handouts.

I am preparing for an English teat. Writing test is one of the module. I need some one to validate my writing skill, can you please validate the following email writing and send your feedback. I have written answer for two questions, please validate both of them. You work in a very big office.

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