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How U.S. States are Targeting Foreign Direct Investment

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❶We are also considering doing individual performance evaluations. Corporations and associations are feeling pressure from shareholders and members to demonstrate environmental responsiveness and corporate responsibility in their activities, including meetings.

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Ukraine fears the Nord Stream Pipeline

How many guests are coming for your event and how long the event is for? What is the typical budget that you work with? If applicable, how do you generally charge? What is your fee structure? How do clients typically contact you? How do you generate business? Word of mouth, advertising, etc? How much decision making do you typically have versus how much the client has? How much influence do you have in the decision making process? Are clients typically receptive to your ideas and suggestions?

What are the biggest challenges in planning an event? How do you deal with these? How do you typically deal with waste? What is the biggest form of waste generated from an event?

Any sponsorships or partnerships? Have sustainable products or foods been considered by any clients or you? How is "being Green" trend in event industry? If applicable, how do you typically choose the venue? How are these vendors chosen? Convention Industry Council http: Understand the current state of the Event Design industry Based on web research, BizBash findings, and industry publications, the current event industry does not focus on sustainability.

There are many resources out there that can be utilized for sustainable event. However, planners have not capitalized on them. There is no specific resources, listings, or preferred vendors. There are no companies that really market themselves as green. There is a great opportunity out there for us. But we have to prove that there is a market.

The Green Meeting Industry Council http: Corporations and associations are feeling pressure from shareholders and members to demonstrate environmental responsiveness and corporate responsibility in their activities, including meetings. Green meetings reduce the quality of the meeting experience Reality: Most green meeting activities go completely unnoticed by delegates. Attendees are not likely to notice your reuse of signage or preference for recycled paper.

Many already sort their household waste for curbside pickup and are likely to make use of onsite recycling without a second thought. Furthermore, delegates who are becoming increasingly conscious of their diet respond positively to more healthy, organic food options that are authentic to the meeting destination. If traveling, attendees also might appreciate efforts to economize on handouts and provide resources in digital formats.

Where they are informed of the outcomes of green meeting activities many delegates respond very positively to the contribution their efforts are making to the environment and host communities. A typical 5 day conference for 2, attendees will use 90, cans or bottles, , cups and 87, napkins Meeting Strategies Worldwide, Everything but the wedding — We handle events surrounding the wedding - everything but the wedding itself the ceremony and reception.

A lot of potential here for repeat business. This comprehensive report chronicles the history of women in the military and as Veterans, profiles the characteristics of women Veterans in , illustrates how women Veterans in utilized some of the major benefits and services offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs VA , and discusses the future of women Veterans in relation to VA. The goal of this report is to gain an understanding of who our women Veterans are, how their military service affects their post-military lives, and how they can be better served based on these insights.

Therefore, the Commission recommends that DoD and the Services take steps to open all career fields and units to qualified women. Social Work in Mental Health , , Vol. The literature identified sexual trauma, pre-military sexual trauma, combat exposure, substance misuse, and gender difference in the development of PTSD among female veterans from the Gulf War to the current conflicts.

Also incorporated in the review are evidence-based and other promising treatment options for female veterans suffering from PTSD. Based on the review, female veterans experience higher rates of military sexual trauma and much of the current research on female veteran related PTSD is focused on sexual trauma that occurs while in the military. As the number of females serving in the military grows, there needs to be a continued effort in understanding the multiple issues they experience before, during, and after their time in the military.

Researchers need to continue to address sexual traumas, the disparity in the diagnosis of PTSD, effective treatment options, and further understand the dynamics of comorbidity of other mental health disorders with PTSD.

In addition, more research needs to be conducted on how trauma and PTSD impacts family and occupational functioning for female veterans after both their return from operational deployment and completion of military service.

Research questions that informed the search were: Components of wellbeing that emerged included the ability to cope, ease of access to services and support, satisfaction with parenting, the effects of sexual harassment, and symptoms of PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

There has been little research into the sense of self and identity for women in the military today. Seattle University Law Review, , Vol. Nevertheless, the military remains one of the few areas in which the U. It then probes the most common rationale advanced in support of the continued de jure exclusion of women: The article examines four problems with the physical strength rationale: Given different combat roles held by men and women, female service members should survive wounds at an unprecedented rate.

We determined whether the casualty rates for females differ from their male counterparts and characterized wounds sustained by female casualties…. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. The CAD revolution is here. Are you with us? Onshape is full-cloud professional-grade CAD that runs in your web browser, phone or tablet. Sign Up at onshape. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

I think it depends on where you want to live after graduation..

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