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4 thoughts on “Assistance for Ex-felons in Michigan”

❶I started an eBay business, that now after only 16 month from my release, I am doing 8,

The type of resume that someone with a felony should create

Functional vs. Chronological Resume
Resume Prime
Companies That Hire Felons Near Me

Explain that you did lie to get the opportunity to prove your value. Explain that you are changed from your experience with the law, that you learned your lesson. Explain that you wanted to be honest, but honesty had not worked, and you feel ashamed you had to stoop to dishonesty to survive. However, you must convert the topic from your past to your present performance or the decision is not likely to be in your favor.

Do not beat yourself up to badly, because most companies have broken the law purposefully, all in the name of money. What makes their crimes less despicable? Because they wear a tie when they commit them? We all know that if Bernie Madoff got out of prison, he would be hired somewhere immediately and he would be making big money.

I speak from experience from the benefits of lying on an application. I tried to get a job for 13 months, being honest about a drug possession conviction of less than. I did not even get one interview when I was honest about my past, so, I decided to try lying, and it worked. I held two jobs in the automotive industry, before being laid off, and made an annual salary of 70K at one job that I had for three years.

This place found out that I had lied and they admitted that they would not have hired me had they known, but I dedicated my life to this company, even buying my own laptop for company business, and worked off the clock for many hours. I proved my worth to the company. With 25 other resumes fighting for the same position, they told me that my resume would have immediately hit the garbage can. The federal government has done a lot of research to see whom to trust and whom not to trust, and it turns out that the Big Brother will grant security access, even top secret, even if you have a felony drug charge s.

I performed my work in the factory that builds the F22 raptor and was on military bases that had live nuclear munitions. So, if the US military, FBI and the Pentagon think I am safe enough to work with an around the most advanced weapons systems on earth, then surely a national fast food chain should feel safe letting me flip burgers, right?

Many chains will not hire anyone with a felony, unless its the bosses son. This is why it is important that all felons lie on applications. What they do deserve is an honest days work for an honest days pay. If you give them that, they have no cause to whine. John, although your post is a year old, its still a valid statement. Those employers who feel the need to check backgrounds have an unwritten or unspoken rule, if you have a record, they wont hire you.

Then, when we are done doing our time, we look forward to our reinstated freedom to walk the streets once again unencumbered by legal obstacles. We take our first breath of freedom and we savior the moment that we shed our binds. We return to our loved ones and friends who are all glad to see us and are glad to not have to make regular pilgrimages to a prison.

Once we are settled and feel we are ready to go out and do the right thing, our first mission is to be gainfully employed. Those people are everywhere, churches, employers, police and others who treat us as if we are wearing a scarlet letter which forever brands us with little chance of proving otherwise. It is against such odds that we have to attempt to go on with our lives and correct our past, but the opportunities are limited by societies archaic standards of non-forgiveness.

They not only do so with their intrusive background checks, but in their whispers and gossip they condemn us. So, I say, lie and never falter from your story….. Bragging to people will only set you up for being judged and more. When applying for work, say you have no record…ever!

If you succeed in landing a job by lying, return back to your original commitment, no more lying, no lawbreaking, be a model citizen. Do some extra things like getting involved in community volunteering, take night courses, tutoring ex cons, or whatever you can to better yourself. If you follow this course, some day, you past will not haunt you as much because those background checks only go so far.

I know, its been over 40 years for me. Find out if someone there might lobby the company on your behalf to get rehired. If you were wronged and that info was not supposed to be released, yet it was and you have to suffer, contact the media, local TV stations, try to get bad press for your company. Realize that if you got paid, you got more money than you would have gotten by admitting the truth.

Firing you so summarily means that they would not hire any felon if the knew in the first place. If you gave them an honest days work for an honest days pay you have fulfilled your end of the work bargain, so do not beat yourself up. I hope you find a way to sue the pants of these freaks.

Find out if you can record phone calls legally in your state, without knowledge of the other party, and if legal, record a phone call of your friend asking for a job reference and use whatever your former employer says about you against them in court. Speak directly to the ass that fired you, because he will probably want to play tough guy and make sure you never get a job.

You may be able to sue the company, and if that does not work, sue the worker directly. Also try with other people who work there to find someone who will make a mistake and let too much information get out. Defamation of character is a very serious offense and costly, particularly when it comes to defaming someone professionally.

Make them pay dearly, use the law as a weapon to punish the unjust. If your past is not affecting your current job performance, firing you in this economic climate, if you are doing your job acceptably is heinously immoral, far more so than you lying about your past. Use any leverage you can to either get your job back or make them pay in court. Do not hold back. Be prepared to do anything you can to win, legally that is.

If you are minority, play the race card. Play the discrimination card to the hilt, discrimination against a young unwed mother, how sickening. If you do not get satisfaction, tell us the company name so all reading the board can do their level best to boycott all products and services.

If the guy who fired you is sleeping around the office on his wife, call her. If the the people responsible for firing you are in the habit of going to the bar to drink, call the cops when they get into their car to leave telling the cops they are obviously drunk.

I knew a company who 4 of their management get drunk driving tickets at the same time because they mistreated a subordinate. Justice was never so sweet. You know, people who react the way enrico did have been subjected to bigitry on different levels and facets in Life and well…for the most part their life is hand held by quite a few life lines which is the total opposite for most felons.

For anyone who would like to learn more about this online op and would like to give me the opportunity to teach you, I promise i will start you off with an easy site.

Back to my original thoughts, I believe that we the people need to get up off our behinds and start working on something that will MEND our Families. Felons create felons, and before anyone jumps down my throat…what I mean is that in the experiences that we have heard here and elsewhere, when there is no jobs and only slim pickings…the children that are being raised mind frame or mind set is completely jeopardized and aliented from positive thinking. Not to mention that this creates insecurity issues on these children, they may have undergone cruel teasings because their parents cannot afford anything other than hand me downs or thrift stores.

On top of that for those who have been less fortunate and ran into nosy neighbors who happen to find out your secrets, this can have one moving from city to city etc. Nooooo, there definitely is too much of a rise in Felons. Bad checks, shop lifting, credit card fraud, drugs, alcohol. You see my felony is not even supposed to be on my record as it was withheld adjudication, I was having fun celebrating and took some things from a clothing store trying to be a Dare devil….

My sibblings and I were raised very secluded from everything so when I got away from my parents, all I could think off was to party. Yeah right, that has cost me eternally. I have no family so I can only depend on myself so it is not easy to tell someone like me who cannot find a half decent job on account of background checks to hang in there and keep looking.

See what I mean? I strongly advice for those who are political intellects to work on changing the Felon laws and the way they label offenses that bring home the bread and butter. There will be no buildings to build or companies to grow…we will be in Swamp land.. I commend those who are still having a positive attitude about their position and I completely sympathize with those convicted. Women are exploited each and everyday in this industry simply because they are in a position where this is a they can do at the given moment to be able to put food on the table.

Tell me something how in the hell does it make sense to any of you that a state will give these Wolves a license to operate and include alcohol beverages, not to mention give those Slime balls the right not to Pay anyone and on top of that Charge the employee to work,.

Yet they have the Audacity to charge these women with Prostitution for performing a Table dance or Lap dance on a paying client. True, these businesses have their Rotten apples. But this is true in so many ranges of working fields such as the one that sleeps with their boss to climb up the Ladder.

In most cases had anybody had good opportunities…. That you get the opportunity every two years to Pay for the Priviledge of being Reviewed and Considered. John, My name is Aaron. I am now 28 finishing my BS in Computer Science. I have extreme anxiety about entering the job market due the fact I have a DUI felony from when I was I am worried due to my career field I will have a hard time finding a job. However, I noticed you were able to obtain or at least mentioned the ability to obtain a high level government security position.

I would appreciate any advice you could give me on how to pursue such a job. In the near future I am planning on on applying for an internship on a military installation.

Any advice or direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Moving companies hire ex felons. I should take that back; small local area ones do. But you have to watch the ones you work with. Rent U-hauls for your jobs until your name is out there. Save what you can until you get it up and going.

You will be surprised what you are capable of. Someone mentioned in an earlier thread about staying home with the kids. Keep your heads up. But only we can make our lives better. And that is when we will have our true rewards. To get that you have to have a background check. I served 29 years and have been out for about 7 months. I have applied to at least 4 jobs every single day since then and have had only 6 interviews. I did have one thing going for me, though: I did a lot of clerical work in prison and had access to Visual Basic.

I taught myself programming over the years and took a certification exam when I got out and scored in the 99th percentile. With this one ray of hope, I went to oDesk. Being an independent contractor provides a lot of freedom — you can pretty much make as much money as you want by putting in the hours, but you have to be able to deal with the stress that goes along with it. If you have any computer, clerical, or administrative skills, give oDesk a shot. It could provide all the income you need, just a little extra to get by, or even jump start your own business someday.

This website and its entire string of posts, comments, and blogs in its entire does not make me sad, feel bad, shed tears or pity on any one of you individuals that are now serving the lifelong debt of servitude that you bestowed upon yourself. You are what you made yourself to be whether it was at 16, 26, 43, or You are a convicted criminal with a federally searchable arrest and conviction record…You are a felon and it should be a burden that you carry and probably will carry for the rest of your life.

Even though the expungement process exists, did you know that statistically in the U. You are the one who was instilled common sense, values, and moral judgment abilities by your parents, peer, teachers, and loved ones…you were taught how to function in society and what is considered breaking the law and yet you chose to ingore these simple instructions in life to live and abide by and you chose to break the law.

It is the ageold saying that if you make a decision or choice, you have to live with the consequences of your choices and your actions. If you chose to commit a crime, were convicted and found guilty, who do you really have to blame but anyone other than yourself.

Stop blaming the system, the government, and society for supposadely harassing and discriminating against you. No one is committing a crime against you, what employers are doing is making a conscious choice to say that because of your decisions and actions, you would not be an individual that represents the business rapport and values that we are trying to portray to society and to our customers.

When you committ a crime you are decieving people and you are depriving them of civil liberites in one way or another. You victimize people through your robberies, drunken driving, drug dealing and various other offenses. You burden society by forcing us as the taxpayers to front the 20 plus dollar a day bill it takes incarcerate and house each and every one of you offenders.

Not only does it possibly look bad for a company public profile and image regarding your background should they hire you, they have to wonder if you pose a security risk to their money, goods, and to the customers of the general public…. You pose a risk to a business and to the general public when an employer takes you on, no one assumes the risk but the employer and it could end up backfiring in their face.

If you are convicted of a crime, what is to stop you from repeating the same actions that you once did…. Your best assumption is to accept your reality for what it is, you will be lucky at best to get a minimum wage paying job and live a life with basic amenities…its what you did in prison.. Accept reality and your life for what it is…society discriminates and you are a criminal and you will be discriminated against for years to come probably till the end of society as we know it today….

For all the people dogging the felons on trying to succeed, you are worse than any of them. You literally want to see people suffer. This makes you worse than any felon because felons usually act out of human instinct, instinct that all humans are capable of. We are all capable of bad judgement if the right situations pushes your buttons. I used to be just like you judgemental fools until it happened to me.

The law gets whatever it can get no matter who you are. What people need to realize now is that this judgement on ex-felons who are trying to survive is really getting out of control. Imagine if Bill Gates took one moment to do something stupid and got caught. Imagine where computer technology would be because no one would have given him a chance to show what he could do.

Imagine any great person who if they got caught doing something wrong would not have had the chance to effect our live positively because of the system. People need to feed their families. Besides, just like some of the respondants said, it only causes more crimes being committed. If you check the reasons a lot of people commit suicide, a large percentage is from people who were doing well, but for the first time faced a situation the many ex-felons faced for many years.

For all the ex-felons out there trying to do good, keep your heads up, you are not alone. Pleas let me know if you find anything. Trust me, I have it hard. Texas is the worst place to be for an ex-con or a convict. The non-profit organization idea is a good one. We all need to communicate because different states have different laws so we can all have something to say to people in each state about how to handle situations according to the way the economy is ran in that particular state.

It seems to me that since we are becoming since a large percentage of the population, we have a large political voice. As soon as you can, reapply for your voting card. Over two million felons is more members than AARP and they are a large organization that has influence politically. But we need to be able to vote. If two million felons wrote to their government representatives, it would be a loud message. Start communicating on different issues in your neighborhood and state.

They do get to know you. Then you can start asking for help for felongs and changes in laws or new programs. I, agree, that creating a national organization like AARP would get noticed everywhere.

It would be become recognized and respected after awhile. We just need someone with leadership and executive skills to put this together. Who will step up to the plate???? Is that only if the person served time which might be apparent on a credit report?

I honestly feel sorry for you Reginald. I would like to ask anyone expressing their disapproval of convicted felons to ask themselves if they have ever 1 handled an illegal substance at any time in their life 2 driven while intoxicated over the legal limit at any age 3 stolen even a pack of gum from the grocery store as a child 4 gotten into a fist fight with a childhood friend.

All of the above, if caught, are considered felonies. I mean what is the point of sending a person to prison for a year and sentencing probation for a crime, if that person will never be able to overcome the crime? My SO hung out with bad kids when he was a teenager. Someone played a prank and attempted to set the porch of a house on fire.

They were 15 years old. When he was 19, this childish act came back to haunt him and he was convicted of arson. He was sentenced to probation and had his records sealed, however this torments him to this day. He had hopes of becoming a police officer and has realized that although his punishment was 10 years ago and he has NEVER been in any form of trouble either before or after this one-time issue, he will never be able to pursue his one dream.

Because when he was 15 he was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. He has been in every since I was 2 months pregnant my daughter is now 6. Neveg have use drugs in his life. He have been certified with his hvac license , electrical wiring. My question is do anyone no if je can get into a union or not? Am here in dc yeah they have non profit organizations but majority of them u have to put your name on waiting lists. They give them enough rope to hang there self.

A nine times outta ten u have done something illegal but just having got caught. Look at the big timers on capital hill have of them are undercover crackheads an dopefiends. They prostitute , stealing money all types of stuff. Dc area have any suggestions feel free to email. In oregon 8 out of 10 temp agencies do the same thing. Express has a lock on most the entry level jobs here and they say no real load. If I were you I would worry. In time there will be more of us then you. Just think California has to release 40, early.

My husband has a horrible record but has never really had trouble getting a job. Once he got straightened out, he was up front with everything he applied for. If he got past the employment app. As the years rolled by and more and more distance from his past, the same thing is true. The right job is out there. A lot of ex-offenders give up too soon.

If you need more skills, go back to school. You might want to read and join this blog called Ban the Box http: I was convicted of a Class D Felony and faced 7 years in prison. The Judge was very lenient and I got 1 year. My employer promised me that I would have my job waiting upon my release. My Boss, as much as he fought for me, I was terminated by his superior, because I was a treat to others.

Well living in a small town, there are VERY few jobs here. I did not give up. I started an eBay business, that now after only 16 month from my release, I am doing 8, Listen up all you other felons.

Lie on your application. You are NOT going to get the job otherwise. Seriously consider moving out of the US. The point I hope to make is that it is tough as hell, especially in this market. Start your own job farm like I did. All I could afford to eat for years was pasta and PBJ sandwiches if that. Many times I wished I was actually back in prison. Your message is a total downer!! You tell them to leave the country, not try to get an education and in essence, run from their challenges instead of facing them.

Do us all a favor, either support and encourage ex offenders to do their best to improve themselves and become better citizens, or say nothing. If you can only be a doomsayer, you will do nothing to help new ex offenders and will only show them that there is no hope and they may as well leave the country or go back to prison.

Thats a very piss poor attitude by one ex offender to another. Hello, I read almost all the comments here and I agree with both sides. While I believe there are consequences for our wrong choices, I also believe in 2nd chances. I mean where is your compassion? How will they be able to ever prove themselves if they are never given a chance? My husband is facing the exact situation at this very moment.

My husband is smart, talented and gifted. Unfortunatley, he has used his greatness for negative pratically his whole life. Of course, I am doing my part to help him to think positive, to belive in himself, and to keep the faith.

Yes, consequences come with wrong choices, but if you have learned the lesson then you should be given a second chance. If hearts were more compassionate, there would be less judging. I recently remarried to a wonderful woman, and she does everything she can but has no clue of the frustration that I feel. I try desperately to resist the urge but I honestly feel as if I have to do something dishonest in order to pay the bills.

I have a job right now, actually two, but they are very low paying and as a result I hardly ever get to see my 11 year old son. I want to teach my son to be honest and all that but I also have to sometimes teach him the truth about life. Please continue to be encouraged. I just registered a business that will be servicing ex felons or I would to say those that made bad chooses that resulted in a conviction.

However you can turn things around and you will!! I will be posting an update within the next few days that will help many of you. This program will provide the tools that you will need to start your own business, receive start-up capital to get your business going and the training to continue. Stay encourage and I will be posting another message with more details.

This if for 27 Enrico…. I made a big mistake 23 yrs ago since my world has change I not have a job since than. Yes I when to so many interview an yes on the application have you committed a felony. I answer yes and my respond to the this happing 23 yrs ago. Once I came out prison land a job at a law firm from a hookup than after that other job from a hookup at the NY Stock Exchange back then I was living a dream until my company merge an I was layoff Since then I temp for awhile it was cool but I felt I deserve more since I am a created person that has many talent.

Yes I have do freelance work decor friends apt or being they fashion stylist, Being 45 yrs really having know career meaning life saving plan as i k this shit really hurt. I am very tired going to these interview an the employee is so fascinated what I done in the past and many people stop me on the street of new york thinking either I a designer or a interior design.

That the industry I want to be in but once crime label comes up I bypass remind you this happing 23 yrs ago yes I have my release paper. An the funny once I got out of prison I saw my pro role officer once.

Yes my sentience somewhat was unfair being a first time felony being a drug dealer an got busted from snitch like alway rating me out. MY was sentience 6 yrs to life I did 8 mos yes I was lucky never been back since an of course the judge was banking being a repeat defender guess Ms Lessie Snyder from NY yes she rude my entire life. Really want to say to her face you lost the bet I be back in prison but you won you destroy my entire careers hitting me with a life sentence that will cost me thousand to remove it.

Yes to be honest suicide has cross my mind but if I do that many of my friends and families would be devastated of my actions an not knowing the pain inside of me. Yes I so be grateful what I have who living a two bed room for 20 yrs an having everything I wanted be on his own.

Plus greats friend that support me the fullest, but for me it just having a job in my industry, You might think I crazy or spoil true got it going true but I not happy with myself.

I constantly here from my own wife that I am not trying hard enough…she has her masters and working on her Ph. D and had to find a job out of town. It took her 4 months.

I been out for five months and only did 10 months in prison, still no job. I may be just guessing here but the design for re-entry is clear. Bills have to be paid, laws enforced to FILL the prisons so the people can complain about higher taxes to house them, yet they want to make money using cheaper labor so they dont hire somebody who made a mistake.

Then , they scream about forgiveness when the repo man comes to their porch. We want to work!!!! We want to move on!!!! Those who have done wrong , served their time, and want to work should be allowed.

Most of the ones who dont do a good job are the ones who dont have anything to prove… I feel your pain. I had my 1st and only brush with the law a few years ago and had to serve 15 months in jail.

I got out in August , and like many others, am finding it extremely difficult to find a job. My wife, family and friends have all stood by me as much as they can.

I can understand being reluctant to hire someone that has been in trouble numerous times, or even being wary of someone that has been incarcerated for a long period of time, but why do people, as a society, look so far down on giving a persona second chance? Now I understand, and can agree that people with certain crimes should not be provided employment in certain fields, but if everything worked that way, then your should lose your right to drive because you were in an accident, or got a speeding ticket.

Everyone makes mistakes of some form or another. If someone made a mistake, albiet a major one, but it does not really reflect his or her real personality, and that person admits to it, accepts responsibility for it, takes the punishment handed down by the courts, and really, really want nothing more that to be a honest, productive member of society….

I don;t want to be a burden on taxpayers. I want to provide for myself and my family. Why is that so hard?

I even had a court ordered evaluation that determined that I do not need any counseling or anything like that. I know that I am an excellent worker and that a company would get a good value in hiring me. I have so much to gain by being employed. I just home that one I only need one employer to see it the same way….

I only hope that one person is out there somewhere. Ok so, I am 21 years old, I received a felony possesion charge not even a year ago. For a simple non-violent felony, I have been turned down so many times looking for work its not even funny.

It is putting more of a strain on my family then anyone else, more than even I. So, Here I am with limited options. Lying on an application will not work as before you are hired, you will undergo a background check. No better person to councel a user than a user right? You are the animals that should be locked up, you are the people that make society a dangerous, bad place. I have just recently been released, and find that I have closed many doors for myself.

I still have a shimmer of hope but after reading evryones comments that shimmer is dwindling. I start college in Jan. I started college in prison but after reading this Im wondering now if college is going to be a waist of time. I have been fortunate enough to find a hosstess job not many hrs but they never asked about a criminal background, yet,but am in fear of losing it if they do.

I was not convicted of a felony 19 years ago. I had adjudication withheld. I was arrested for theft in Florida. Perhaps, that is why adjudication was withheld. I somehow stumbled into Banking about 7 years ago. I quickly became a top Branch Manager and moved around to a couple of Banks and became a Regional Manager in charge of 12 Branches.

I was their top performer. In , I was laid off due to branch closures. Now, my non-conviction has come back to haunt me. I have no idea how I got the job in the first place. I worked in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Georgia. My crime was in Florida. Interesting, someone mentioned that Wisconsin is more open to felons Although, technically, I am not a felon. Regardless, I might as well have been with the background checks.

What States besides Wisconsin are the easiest for felons? I think my Banking Career is over. What States are the easiest to get Fidelity and Surety Bonds? I am open to relocation. Thus, any answer on States that are most lenient for Felons would help. Everyone has done something stupid when they are young. Some just get caught. Everyone who drinks a couple of glasses of wine at a restaurant are technically over the limit.

I have seen cops at restaurants drinking. Some people just get caught. Granted, some crimes are worst than others. Sure, we made poor choices… But GOD and people forgive. Some people are very talented and can be tremendous assets to a company.

Should we rule them out? Bill Gates smoked pot when he was young. I believe he was arrested. What if he had a gram over the misdemeanor limit? He then gets a felony. Look what he has done for society.

How about the Bill Gates foundation? In Chicago, it is illegal to drive and talk on the phone. It is all relative. You can commit a crime, but you may not be a bad, non-trustworthy person. Granted, some people are just pure evil. You are not perfect. I was one of the first to be thrown out on my ass along with 1, others.

Part-time work would be just fine since it would supplement my UC benefits. As a fellow convicted felon, here is my advice. Lie your ass off on the application. How will felon friendly employers profit from your work. How you prove this during a job interview will make a big difference.

Felon friendly employers help for felons agency and Work Readiness Training for ex-felon and ex-offender employment. Employment and Placement Assistance to jobs that hire felons. On-The-Job Training employment for felons.

Funding for Vocational Training. Ahhh yes, the resume. Conventional wisdom for resumes is to list all of your employers chronologically, and this would be fine, but obviously you have a large gap in your resume due to the time that you spent in prison.

While we understand the thought process there and appreciate your willingness to admit the past and move forward, unfortunately there are to be many employers that will disqualify you from employment based on this fact alone. First things first, when creating a resume for yourself or having someone else create a resume for you, it makes the most sense to make a functional resume. This type of resume emphasizes skills, education, and professional contributions.

This is perfect for someone that has a large gap in employment history. These resumes are typically for job seekers that are changing industries, just getting out of college, or leaving a single job, but it is the perfect resume type for someone who has been incarcerated as well.

There are many different functional resume examples that you can find by doing a simple Google search, but here is a great example that I was able to get from Monster. Talent for quickly mastering technology — recently completed Microsoft Office Suite certificate course. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and nonprofessionals at all levels. Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential records. Demonstrated history of producing accurate, timely reports meeting stringent HMO and insurance guidelines.

Prepare complex reports for managed-care organizations and insurance companies, ensuring full compliance with agency requirements and tight deadlines.

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The type of resume that someone with a felony should create. First things first, when creating a resume for yourself or having someone else create a resume for you, it makes the most sense to make a functional resume. This type of resume emphasizes skills, education, and professional contributions.

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An ex-offender may need special assistance with resume details and relaunching a career after a prison stay. Getting a job as an ex-offender may prove to be a challenge, but there are several ways that you can find help.

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Resume help for felons is really a necessity for ex felons who would like to start a new life by landing a good job opportunity. Check out these tips on resumes for felons and get hired. Ex-offenders benefit from resumes that show how they have been rehabilitated. It should also list skills and qualifications. A resume is a document that you use to show your abilities and experiences.

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As for free resume examples, browse through the resume examples section of Resume-Help (link below). If you are still uneasy, you may consider a professional resume service to help in writing your resume. The purpose of a resume is to help you secure a job interview. For your resume to work, it must highlight your top qualifications for the position and demonstrate that you would be an excellent employee. While it's important to be honest on your resume, revealing information about a criminal background is best handled in a face-to-face interview.