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Why Is Math Important

For Parents

❶Why is math such an important part of our lives?

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I totally agree with those who talk about the everyday practical applications of math. However, those are man-made necessities. Arguably, so is music, although there is music in nature. I think the most fascinating context in which we see math is nature. Consider the fibonacci numbers. Tree branching, leaf placement, artichokes, pineapples and pine cones, the spiral of a conch shell -- all reflect fibonacci numbers.

When we look to atomic structure, DNA, etc. Math is part of the universe. Do you like music? Music is heavily influenced by math--rhythms, beat, meter--all of this is math-based. Without math, music would not be as advanced and intriguing as it is today.

It will give you some other ideas as to the importance of math in our everyday lives. In response to Ha! Mostly I agree with you I saw a sweatshirt over the break that reminded me of people like us. I am only kidding! Beyond balancing my checkbook and for financial reasons, I would love to simply forget my years in geometry and trigonometry and calculus!!! Math is necessary for even the most basic of life functions. Granted, I was never very good at math, but it is unfortunately essential for basic survival.

First of all, you need to see math as an instrument, as the teaspoon is important, when you need to eat a very tasty cake in a fancy restaurant. Since the early Greek studies concerning geometry and algebra till the nowadays theories studies about infinity and strings, math meant the progress in all fields as: Simple math is a part of your everyday life. Now obviously not everyone will need to know the quadratic formula for their future life and career, but simple math is always needed.

If you are planning on being a financial assistant or architect, math will be more important in your life compared to some others. You just stand there and wait for the change, but have no idea how much it should be, or what amount of change you should receive. They are all excited about spending and paying although they know nothing about doing math. Math is the one skill you need to master in your life, even if it is the only one, you will at least be able to live without being cheated, robbed or abused.

You see, without math we just cannot live or survive. We need math in our everyday lives. Just doing the basic essentials is dependant on your ability to do math. Just make an experiment and see how many times a day you use your watch. From getting up in the morning to going from one place to another, and going to bed at night, time is as essential as breathing to us. We are creatures of habit, planning every minute of our lives.

The question of why math is important usually arises when children have learned how to count, add, substract, multiply, and divide; and they come to believe they know all they need to know to function adequately in life. Math is important because it is part of our live. Everything must involve in mathematics.

However, if we talking about professional in math, we would notice that those math genius will have more opportunety to find jobs because math suit perfectly to everyday problems such as economic problems, engineering work or even in military serves where the professers are asked to demonstrate how to shoot missiles perfectly. Math is critical to brain development. Every student has probably asked the question.

Math teaches you to take steps to find an answer. The process is every bit as important as the answer.

Without mental discipline, even the smartest of people can fail at life. If you are interested in building your body strength, but neglect your brain, you are only accomplishing part of what you need. Think of math as "working out" your brain! In the increasingly tech world we live in, math is more important than ever since it is the the basis of that world. Future high paying jobs will and are requiring a high levels of numerical proficiency, much higher than the panzy math you do at high school, so it is only logical to get kids to some sort of basic level, so they have a larger set of choices for later.

It teachs a very particular mindset, not just being precise and logical and all the usual stuff they tell you, but also how to hold many interelating patterns in your head about a situation and how to see that situation from different angles.

If there are 4 pieces of meat on the foot-long sub, how many go on the 6-inch sub? Every job requires knowing at least basic math, and many jobs expect you to be able to do algebra or more advanced math. Since we start looking at the objects maths come into the play, since our childhood, counting of toys, comparing and contrasting shapes, all these activities involved with maths without our knowledge.

We do not realise how much and what kind of maths we have used in an entire day. As in education Mathematics help students to understand other subjects in better manner, as it seems that when student excel in maths the other subjects automatically become easier due to great involvement of mathematics.

On the whole i can say mathematics is so important for us to live a life whether we realise it or not. So, why is math important in your life? Leading them, and not following them. Be the trendsetter by becoming the best you can be. Use your mind to your advantage! Math is important because it is the most widely used subject in the world.

Every career uses some sort of math. More importantly, doing math helps the mind to reason and organized complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps.

Therefore, by knowing more math, students give themselves the competitive edge they will need to compete for these high paying jobs. Math is a part of our daily lives like money. Math is part of every day life. You need to determine if the bigger package at the store is the best deal. Do you have enough money to purchase something when you add in sales tax. Did you get the right change.

I teach 1st grade and it is so surprising how many children do not know the names of coins. I find they all know what a dollar is but have no idea what the name of value of a coin is. I always liked math the best as there is a right answer. If you got the right answer you got the points. If you plan to go to college you have to be able to do math without the benefit of a calculator. Most students have to take at least one math class in college. This topic is very great, thank you very much for this good effort.

I have benefited a lot from it. I wish everyone to benefit from this excellent topic. Maths is important because the world itself is based on it and nothing was created just like that. I would like to talk to you my email is omerkhan34 gmail. Math makes the world go round and round. Math is used everywhere in every part of our lives such as groceries, driving your car, paying taxes shopping , Constructions transportation all require math in someways: Math is an important part of our lives, because in the future you will get a job that deals with math.

Math is pretty much in everything you do, really. Just think about it-later on in life you will need to use it somehow, one way or the other. I know it stinks that you have homework basically everyday for math, but it will be beneficial to the career you choose in the future.

Because it is the most important tool in our minds. Without it, we would be ripped off whenever we buy something. So they gave us a lower price. As youu can see, things like this make life worthwhile. It is important because it is illustrated in a variety. Moreover to its usefulness and versatility, it is used extensively. Motions, mixtures, work, investment problems, and even puzzle problems are examples of its application.

Math is important because if you are working with money you would never know how much to give or recieve. And also if you worked at a job and they needed someone to work at the cash register you wouldnt know how to give change back you would never have a job.

When u relly think about it everyine uses it. Im not sayin that all this high level calculas aand stuff will mean anything to u later on i life but the basics skills addition,subtraction,division,multiplication,etc r very important.

Things such as cooking, measuring, building, and everything else u can think of invovle math. Without math and precise measurements, the world would just be a flat dirt ball.

The four main subjects math,english,science,and history are all very important, but by far the 2 most important are math and english. Most people will get through their lives using only a few of the basic arithmetic and statistics our elementary schools teach.

So learning more than just the basics will prepare you to take advantage of things that might come into your life. Math teaches you another way to think. Logic and math are so intertwined that mathematics departments offer courses in logic and math was once taught as a branch of natural philosophy.

Math homework strengths those synapses in the same was as ice skating practice strengthens your ankles. Did you know that there are as many even numbers as there are integers odd plus even? That the musical harmony that sounds right to us corresponds to a specific set of numbers? That the use of the word "irrational" for "crazy" came from mathematicians recognizing that numbers exist that cannot be accurately stated as the ratio of two integers?

Well, this could be oversaying, but math is definitely one of our basis to society. Without math, there will be no technology whatsoever, and people will return back to stone age. Physics, chemistry, and other sciences are all based on math. Mathematics is a part of our everyday life, as afi80fl have generously given a LOT of examples in our everyday life. Math is and will be important in our society for the rest of the human society.

KWOO brings up a very interesting point, we dont use calculus in our oenlife, we dont take integrals and derivatives. Without math, the books FOR the English major would never exist.

I think math is so important in our lives because Math functions your brain properly and makes you smarter;D I hate math and I think it is the WORST subject, and I would be better off with Reading and Science but I would be really retarted without math!

Math is such an important part of our lives because we use it every day. Can you afford it? Do you want to find a clerk to help you every time you face this situation?

When it comes to cooking measurement , finding out how many miles per gallon your car gets division or if you have enough money to purchase that shirt, an understanding of math and how numbers work will help you solve these problems.

People have been using these same principles for thousands of years, across countries and continents. Without math no one could built a house which is cuboid and you need math for building bridges etc. For example, what do you think cashiers did to add up change before we had all the tech stuff that does it for us?

Galeleo,Kepler,Newton,Copernicus, the Indian Aryabhata, Bhaskara are able to explain the universe through their rigorous mathematical background. Modern science requires mathematics. I may not know it ,but it pervades through the universe. Math is very important in life because if you go to a grocery store and buy something and when you go to give the payment of that thing you would not how much to give or you would not the price of the thing which you bought.

Or if you are checking your weight and you have not learned math you would not know what your weight is so math is very very important in life. Math is extremely important because Math is important because it is in everything we do. For example, to make things quicker you could multiply or divide.

Math can also be used to see the total cost of a number of items.

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