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❶It even says it above the box I am typing in. I have to admit, I had to ask for explanations sometimes because the quality was way over my head!

I have been scammed by Mario Lucas. Or nickname Mario Carralero

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Rule of thumb first try a page or two paper from any company to test how well they do. I have never used cutomwritings, however, I have used www. I am lucky to have found a good company at essaycentral. I hope to God that no one that has used those services is working on becoming a doctor!! The reason they give you all that work is so you will know your [censored] when u pass the class!!

I hope no one is my doctor who cheated to get ahead. Plus think of all the other students that actually DO the work! So you get screwed over trying to cheat!! Maybe you will learn a hard lesson form this. Question is, who is getting ripped off in the long run?? Possibly the teacher who went to the trouble to teach you? So you got ripped off It even says it above the box I am typing in. Hi guys I also ordered a paper with a clear instructions on title and content of the paper.

Long story short I received the paper with the wrong title and content. First time ever in the industry of Research and Writing Services, first try out our customized Writing Help, completely free, and then place an order. If you have an Assignment or Essay Writing worth 10 pages i. Research and Writing Services will give you the first 2 pages free of cost. Only once you are satisfied with the quality of the Essay Writing or Academic Writing Help is when you go ahead and place your order for the complete Assignment.

I also tried to contact the writer. Got the page number reduced from 10 to 7 per my request they offer words per page, not like others. Customer service online chat and email has been prompt and courteous so far.

Still praying to God this works. I assumed they would get me all the sources I provided, but their writer had access to most but not all of them. I had to copy material and send them two PDFs. The quality of work was adequate to me. I thought there ending had some off topic content which was corrected for free after I gave him the sources to use. Any further updates on this website? Or was the post removed by the mod? Hi everyone ive just joined today.. Have you used Graduatewriter too?

CustomPapers are amongst the oldest and most established in the industry. I daresay they will be in a position to respond to, and alleviate your concerns, more than any of us here. MODS - this is not a recommendation as you know that I am not linked to the site in question in any way or in any capacity. Besides, I think we should be able to respond to lies which many of the losers here try to pass off as facts.

So far Custompapers has pretty good rep from my hours of searches If in the end EssayAcademia screwed me up big time, I would consider working with them, at least you are sure they are from the US not from a shady country. Really hope more people provide info about Custompapers. Just sent off an order to CustomPapers.. Its due next Wednesday. I uploaded the assignment sheet as well as a student example paper to the writer to hopefully help him get the paper I need. I have made an order as well, and I will definitely post the result here as a gratitude to those who helped me make my decision Message from their support team: We certainly want to assist in the best way possible whether in completing the requested project or expediting a refund if that is desired.

I must admit I am concerned by anything that led you to believe we are not a reputable or trusted company. We are an accredited organization and have an A rating with the BBB, so I wonder if you researched a company with a similar name.

I responded to his email thinking he wanted someone to join him there and told him I would. So he told he got vacations and we could see each other then. Then said I want to write the United Nations Doctors and ask for them to let my husband off for awhile to plan for our wedding. He said it was that he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me.

So, I sent a email on his behalf and they responded within minutes and sent me a form to fill out asking all sorts of my information. I went to send that money gram thru and Walmart rejected said whom I was sending it to was involved in a scam. Because the account had been in active for so long they had to prove his identity this was on a Friday. Him and Harry was staying in his house in California. I had told my daughter she looked up the pictures he sent me which was about 12 different ones over time and told me it was Dr.

I am looked him up myself and found that he was a doctor from Berlin Germany that matched the picture he sent me. Through out this five weeks I would ask for proof and the first time it was a real video of Dr. Andrew Baldwin and he said he was friends with him and asked him to call me the second video I could tell was a fake he was videotaping a video of Dr. Andrew Baldwin and I confronted him and he said yes it was. I found the same background on a video on his web page. And he did the same when he got in Gunana to get his son.

I blocked him as of yesterday and he had went to the United Nations Doctors office and they are keeping him captive until he can get this paid and he said yesterday that they could not keep him much longer they were going to take him to court next week and he would go to jail. I was requesting my retirement and they wait 10 days to cut a check. I think that is it. I have receipts for all the transactions that I can take a picture and send to you if you need them.

Did you also talk to her uncle? I tried that act too. Jack Me Off Message: I wonder how many of us are sending her and uncle Allen money and gifts. Bob same here she wants to buy a computer. Are you still talking to her. Yes I spoke to Allen what a joke. Her stories never made sense to me.

I gave up on her. How much did she scam you for?

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Jun 28,  · My review/progress of Dapper Dan 1 | 3. Sep 21, | #1. I've been lurking for the past couple days on here, looking for a writing service that isn't an outright scam and I finally settled on after reading the "reviews" on here.

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We checked My E Custompapers for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if My.e-custompapers is legit and whether it is safe. We checked Custom Papers for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Custompapers is legit and whether it is safe.

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