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❶Here are ten tips based on the most common problems I see and questions I am asked:. Throughout her career, Judy has worked closely with C-level executives, managers, and attorneys in various business environments.

Our List of the Best Legal Resume Writing Services

There is not just one right way of designing a résumé. But there are wrong ways.
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After noticing that so many colleagues were unhappy in their positions, she became passionate about helping them find a better fit. Because Judy practiced law for more than 2 decades—in law firms and corporations—she has a unique, in-depth understanding of the different environments in which her colleagues practice.

This affords legal professionals the competitive edge they need in securing the right position faster. Throughout her career, Judy has worked closely with C-level executives, managers, and attorneys in various business environments. As a corporate attorney, Judy was integrally involved in both assessing and negotiating high-level transactions alongside senior management. Having served as Corporate Secretary for several corporations, Judy also routinely participated in board meetings, which emanated within her a deep understanding of business processes, culture, philosophy, and most of all…people.

She incorporates all of these elements into the strategy she develops to help position executives on top in their next career move. She has a wealth of knowledge about where to find new opportunities, including how to market your expertise on LinkedIn. In addition, Judy is a pro when it comes to putting together a resume that will highlight your skills. She also knows how to create a text copy of your resume that will sail through the electronic screeners many companies have in place so you can have confidence your resume will be read.

Resume Example The legal billing clerk is responsible for documenting the time clients spend with the lawyer. After documenting, the legal billing clerk tallies the hours and submits an invoice to the client.

Lawyers charge by the hour, so a legal billing clerk helps them track everything. An outstanding legal billing clerk resume should focus on your high attention to detail and organizational skills. Also, you should add any client relations experience that you have or customer service. Create My Resume Legal Secretary: Resume Example Legal secretaries offer support to lawyers. They schedule meetings, take important messages from clients, collect necessary information, and prepare documents for review.

An outstanding legal secretary resume displays strong administrative skills. You want hiring managers to know that you can be trusted with highly sensitive materials. Also mention your superb communication skills. Prove that you listen well, take excellent notes, and can relay important information with the subtlety that it requires.

Create My Resume Paralegal: Resume Example Paralegals support lawyers. Their responsibilities include maintaining and organizing legal files, conducting legal research, and drafting important documents. If you want to create an excellent paralegal resume, you should emphasize your strong researching skills. Let employers know that you are a happy mix of detail oriented and big picture oriented, so nothing gets past you.

Create My Resume Loading Do not fall into the trap of putting too much on your resume as a way to compete against the other applicants. Most hiring managers at law firms spend just a few seconds on each resume, so they appreciate short and sweet resumes. What is the best way to keep your resume short? Do not feel like you have to include every little detail or a complete list of your previous work history.

Focus on the jobs most relevant to the legal position to which you are applying. When you write the bullet points for the work experience section of your resume, do not just list the tasks you performed.

Most hiring managers recognize the normal duties and daily tasks of a particular position. Spend this space listing the value you provided to your employer and any accomplishments you achieved. You can also include the number of tasks you completed each week, such as that you drafted 20 unique client agreements each week.

This gives the hiring manager an idea of how well and efficiently you work. Show your reliability by drawing attention to your career progression and successful handling of increasing responsibilities. Therefore, do not be afraid to boast about your accomplishments. Let prospective employers know about your impressive number of wins on your cases or how your legal research led to an important discovery for a case.

Writing and drafting remain a key component of many positions within the legal industry. Many firms include writing skills as an important qualification for the job. Therefore, you must have a well-written resume that is free of errors. Take a moment to review your resume, and ask for friends or colleagues to review it. You do not want to ruin your chances due to a misspelled word, typo, or misplaced comma. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.


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Additional top awards and recognition include: Best Legal Resume Writing Services, Recommended Executive Resume Writer by Heller Search Group, The Writing Guru® has an unmatched success rate for senior executives and c-level leaders applying to top organizations.

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ESQ Resume is the leading legal resume service firm in the United States. Our professional resume writers are known for drafting exceptional attorney resumes and attorney cover letters that will get you noticed by employers. The leading legal resume service firm in the United States specializes in resumes and cover letters for legal professionals and law students. Exclusively experienced professional resume writers and attorney resume specialists will be crafting your resume of every level: from student to executive.

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Review detailed resume writing tips from the staffing experts at Robert Half. Skip to main content Writing a Resume. Learn what information employers look for, how to present your skills and experience in the best possible light, and what mistakes are most common. See all . Jun 06,  · Do you have the tools you need to get a law job? Check out our Lawyer Resume Example to learn the best resume writing style/5(6).